“De-motivational” Factors: Pre Penis Exercises Concerns and How to Overcome Them

procrastination de-motivational factor for penis exercises

This article describes many of the factors that turn men away from ever beginning a Penis Exercises routine/regimen. There are many reasons we can find to do other things with our time or, even worse, worry about the negative possibilities of what can happen when one incorrectly performs a penile exercise or over-trains their penis. This article helps elucidate better ways of approaching PE when you first begin, and provides many strategies for overcoming such negative thought processes.This article points out several de-motivational factors and how to overcome them.

procrastination de-motivational factor for penis exercises

PE is a life long journey

You must be dedicated from the start of your PE journey. Maximizing each session will ensure the greatest possible gains from your routine. Procrastination is the number one enemy of Penis Enlargement. We can always find a reason to skip a PE session. The key is to harness all of the reasons to not skip a session.

PE gains take time and require much dedication, perseverance, hard work, intelligence, patience and visualization of your goal

You have to visualize how your penis will look when you reach your final goal. Many consider PE a life long journey and would never think about “stopping” their Penis Enlargement exercises and/or the use of their penile extender devices!

Remember, “Rome was not built in a day.” It will likely take years of dedicated hard-work to achieve desired results. Patience is a vital part of PE. No matter how enthusiastic we are towards our PE, all of us face down times and periods of hardship and doubt during our PE journey.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Life may take different directions and/o we get sidetracked. Therefore, the outcome we expect sometimes isn’t met and we get demotivated. Demotivation and procastination go hand in hand, and we must overcome each of them in order to achieve real results via PE.

Thinking PE Doesn’t “Work”

The simple truth is: PE works! However, PE is still in its infancy as far as the public eye is concerned. It has yet to bloom into a mainstream phenomenon. Few men know about PE or, if they do, they dismiss PE as impossible.

There are many members here at PEGym and other PE based websites who have reported significant gains from PE. Investing sufficient time and effort often result in significant gains. JonPop went from 4&3/4″ to 8.5″. That’s almost a 4″ gain in erect penis length!! Going411by7 and Kingpole have made massive gains as well and they are considered our most distinguished veterans and a testament to the validity of PE.

Do a lot of your own research. There are also many members who have posted pictures of notable gains if you are not convinced. There is plenty of information illustrating that PE truly works. Devise your own beginner’s routine or follow JonPop’s 90-Day Beginner’s Routine for the full 3 months and see for yourself, you will be impressed, without a doubt.

Not Gaining

PE takes time! There are abundant PE’ers who have not gained in months, yet have not given up on their PE journey. You have to be patient and dedicated while doing PE. Patience is the best safeguard against failure in PE.

Giving up is not an option even if you are not gaining. You may be doing the penis exercises incorrectly, for example, insufficient reps/intensity. It could be a matter of over-training/under-training or simply a lack of proper rest.

Find a good routine, a good rhythm and the gains will soon follow. Follow the penile enhancement exercise guides properly. You may be doing them incorrectly. Watch your Physiological Indicators (PI’s) and see whether they are 1) Positive 2) Neutral or 3) Negative and change or modify your routine accordingly. Most of all, stick to a routine and have patience.

Expecting Immediate Gains

Making gains with PE is all about the time and effort put into each session, and how each correlates to gains and Physiological Indicators (PI’s). PE may not be for you. It may take months for initial gains to appear, or gains may appear as slowly as a few millimeters every two to three months. If your expectations are too high, then your dedication and motivation may start to wane.

But just remember that a 0.25″ increase every two months will get you an inch longer penis length within the year!! There are many PE’ers who have not gained in months and are still exercising. Read their progress logs so you know what to expect in terms of gains with PE so you won’t be disappointed, and will know what to expect from the start.

Thinking Gains Are Not Permanent

This theory is still new, and it is highly debated as to whether or not all gains made through a PE regimen are permanent. Likely, you will want to do some cementing routine after you have achieved your goals.

Cementing routines don’t take long because they are a shortened version of your Penis Enlargement routine and done only once to twice a week. This is enough to keep your gains permanent.

After you have achieved your ultimate goal, slowly cut back on the intensity/reps of your current PE session over the course of a month and then stick to the modified routine doing them once to twice a week. You can also do stamina exercises like edging or having sex often! Your gains will remain permanent. The juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to long-term PE practices.

The possibility of injury

A lot of people don’t want to try PE exercises for fear of injuring the penis or fear of never recovering from the after effects. These worries are unwarranted so long as the exercises are performed properly and also by beginning with light exercise intensity levels.

PE should not hurt. If you injure yourself while performing the exercises, it means that the intensity you are using is more than your penis can handle and you are probably over-training. Remember: Donut effects, turtling, low EQ and soreness are not regarded as injuries.

Read our PEGym forums, PEGym articles and the PEGym Exercises sections carefully and then follow a beginner’s routine. Just remember to start out with few reps and a low intensity level, and slowly build your intensity with proper PE exercises.

About EQKing

EQKing was always obsessed about having a bigger penis and was dissatisfied with his size. He began to ponder about ways to get his penis bigger and did research in the world wide web and came across PEGym. He couldn’t have been more fortunate to have found a community so helpful in his endeavours to get himself a huge penis. He is confident that one day PE will give him what he’s always dreamed of. A huge penis hanging between his legs. EQKing is still continuing his PE journey and is sure to reach his destination one day. He then plans to help dedicated PE’ers on taking the journey very similar to his and give them the advice they need.

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  1. Good article.

    Cementing Gains: I want to add that you can make the penis size gains permanent, however, stamina work must be continued, or your erections will grow softer once you pass the age of 35, and your body begins to produce less testosterone, hgh, etc.

    So you CAN make permanent gains in size, but erection quality declines with age for all men, & has nothing to do with PE. Stamina work like kegels, towel raises, & super-kegels can allow you to keep the erection strength of a 25 year old, even at the age of 60.

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