Discomfort When Hanging & No Morning Erection: Ask the Experts


morning woodIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about discomfort when hanging and no morning erections.

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Q. Today while I was hanging I felt a bit of discomfort being “put on” my glans….

...During my second set, after attaching the weight and the adhesion/tension has started to settle I notice nothing but discomfort in my glans (not a stretch).  I then lean back to help with intensity, it causes more of a stretch on my ligs and takes the mental discomfort away from the glans. This has happened a few times and what to know if this is normal or am I doing something wrong?

Big Al: Leaning back is a very effective and powerful way to make your hanging more intense, but if you’re going to lean back with the weight while hanging you’re going to need to reduce the poundage by quite a bit.  You can also apply padding in the form of gauze, silicone, or Theraband strips so that your glans is better protected.

Q. I’ve waken up several times without a morning erection during the last few months…

…which is strange because my EQ and libido are amazing. When I do wake up with one it’s usually not any harder than 60-70%. Sometimes I wake up with my penis feeling overworked even though  I can swear it didn’t feel like that before going to bed. However I mostly feel horny after waking up and I get morning erections after waking up. -Does this seem good PE wise? Why do I sometimes wake up feeling a bit overworked? Should I wake up with an erection?

Big Al: The morning erection isn’t always a constant.  If the sleep cycle is altered, you might awaken at a time when your penis isn’t erect according to your NPT cycle.  I wouldn’t recommend “overmonitoring” your penis either.  For some trainees, the monitoring becomes so pervasive that any deviation causes them to think that something’s wrong.

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