Discussion of the 2015 Penis Size Survey

Penis Enlargement Survey Check

Survey Check Mark and BoxWe had 1,079 PEGym members complete our newest penis size survey. And the data can be seen here – Penis Size Survey Results.

Now that we have the data in, let’s talk about what this data implies.

Ages of Our Members

A majority (68.3%) of our are between 18 and 34 years old. However, we have members in all age ranges, even over 75 years of age! I think this shows that male enhancement – whether it’s a desire to improve your penis size, increase stamina, improve erection quality, or some other penile health aspect – is relevant to men of every age. Men have found that just because they get older, there is not age where sexuality has to stop.

Location of Our Members

We have members in more than 50 countries!  WOW!!! 56.07% of our members are in the United States. As an English-language website, I had expected that number to be higher. I think it’s so exciting that we have such a global audience! As with the wide variety of ages, I think this diverse geographical and cultural composition of our membership again speaks to the universality of male enhancement.

Male enhancement is a concern for men from all four corners of the world. This desire for self improvement, especially when it comes to sexual health and the penis, is universal. We’re happy we get to positively affect a truly global community!

Members Current NBPEL

The member measurements section of this survey should be prefaced with a note that PEGym members often are actively seeking penis enlargement, as at least one of their male enhancement goals. With that in mind, when I first created this survey, I hypothesized that members average length and girth should be statistically larger than average.

A majority (57.72%) of members reported NBPEL lengths of 5.51 inches to 7 inches in length. Nearly 13% reported a penis length of 5.76 to 6.0 inches. According to a report in The Guardian, on March 4th, 2015, the average erect global penis size is 5.16 inches.

More than 90% of our members are larger than this global average!

Again, this may be due to the fact that most members (more than 82%) participating in the survey indicated they were currently pursuing penis enlargement, either through manual exercises, enlargement devices, or both.

What Do Men Think Women Feel is the Ideal Penis Length

Most respondents (78.78%) feel that women want a penis between 6 and 8 inches long.  Surprisingly, only 2.22% of respondents felt like penis size didn’t matter at all to women. On the other end of the spectrum, 6 respondents thought women wanted a penis larger than 10 inches in length.


Guys, let’s have a brief female anatomy lesson here…

The average vagina, from the vaginal opening to the tip of the cervix, is between 3 and 4 inches long. Now, the vagina being one of the most wondrous anatomical parts, it can expand typically by up to 200% — this means –  6 to 8 inches max in length.

10 inches??? Again — YIKES!

This means there are 2 choices for the guy with this ginormous pants salami — 1. Not fully penetrate the woman  or 2. Possibly hurt their partner.

What Do Men Think Women Feel is the Ideal Penis Girth

61.82% of men felt that women were looking for 5 and 6 inches in circumference. According to an article in Women’s Health the average vaginal width is 2.64. to 4.4 inches in circumference. Obviously, the vaginal canal does stretch — otherwise no one women would ever give birth vaginally! However, it should be reassuring for guys worried about their girth to know the real dimensions of your lady. And, for the 25 responses who thought women wanted a penis greater than 7 inches in girth… not likely – at least not your average gal.

What is the Respondent’s NBPEL Goal

Most respondents (64.05%) answered between 6.76 inches and 8.25 inches. Thinking back to that female anatomy — those are reasonable goals. It also falls in line with what men think the ideal size women want is.

What is the Respondent’s Girth Goal

Most respondents (51.15%) have a girth goal of 5.76 inches or greater. This was especially interesting, given that it was in the far upper (and beyond) range of what men thought women wanted. Add this to the average anatomical size of the vaginal canal, and there seems to be a bit of a disconnect here.

 What Exercises and Penis Devices are Members Using

Jelqing and penis stretches were the two most popular exercise types. 67.84% of men reported using jelqing for enlargement. 60.52 used penis stretches. Given the number of responses to this question, most men do at least 2 types of manual exercises.

Devices, on the other hand, were less popular than manual exercises. 58.85% of men reported not using any penis device. However, the most popular device (27.25% of men) was penis pumps, such as Bathmate, Penomet, etc.. Penis extenders, like Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, etc., were the next most popular category.

It’s interesting that extenders are not being used by most men (more than 87% of men don’t use extenders). Penis extenders are one of the few scientifically proven enlargement methods, with numerous studies published in scholarly journals. We reported on two of these studies here — https://www.pegym.com/articles/penis-extenders-medically-proven-work

The popularity of manual exercises over penis devices may likely be a factor of cost. Manual exercises are free, with the only requirement your hands and some private space. Both are effective means of reaching your male enhancement goals though, and for those wanting to be reach their goals as quickly as possible, devices like pumps and extenders should be added to your routine.

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