DLD Blasters: What Are They? How Do You Do Them?


dld blastersDLD Blasters – funny name, but great exercise! But, what exactly are DLD Blasters and how do you do them?

Keep reading and learn more!

What Are DLD Blasters?

DLD Blasters are a combination of stamina exercises and stretching exercises. They can be performed by beginners, or for those who are more advanced, can be performed while hanging, to take your hanging routine to the next level.

How Do You Do DLD Blasters?

  1. Lie down and pull your penis toward your stomach, creating a fair amount of tension.
  2. While holding the stretch, do 100 Kegels. If you’re unsure what Kegels are or how to do them, please read this before you begin — How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men: A Definitive Guide to Male Kegeling

  3. Release your penis and then perform a 20-second Kegel.
  4. Move to a seated position and perform an A-stretch. If you’re unsure how to do an A-stretch, please watch this video — A-Stretch Penis Exercise.

  5. While in the A-stretch position do a 5-second Kegel for 50 repetitions.
  6. Still maintaining the the A-stretch, perform a Reverse Kegel. Unsure of what a Reverse Kegel is? Read this — Kegels: Only One Piece of the Equation to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

  7. Release your penis and complete the routine with a 1-minute Kegel and then a 1-minute Reverse Kegel.

NOTE: The Reverse Kegels in this routine are important, to help you avoid overtraining your pelvic floor muscles.


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