Do Penis Pumps Give Long-Term Penis Enlargement Results?

bathmate penis pump

bathmate penis pumpPenis pumps, like the Bathmate, have become very popular for many reasons.

  • They’re easy to use,
  • Harder erections and
  • They give immediate penis enlargement results.

However, are these results long-term? Do penis pumps produce permanent penis enlargement gains?

First, it’s important to understand the mechanism behind how penis enlargement works. Much like building muscle in other areas of the body, penis enlargement occurs when microtears are made in the cellular walls of the penile tissue. The repair of these tears are what facilitates growth.  (You can read more about this process here — How Does Penis Enlargement Work? A Definitive Guide to a Bigger Penis)

Second, it’s important to understand how penis pumps work. Penis pumps, like the Bathmate, create a vacuum in a tube. This vacuum causes the penile tissues to expand beyond their natural state. The vacuum also causes blood to fill the penis. Again, because of the vacuum, this amount of blood is usually more than what a man normally experiences in a natural erection. (You can learn more about penis pumps here — What Are Penis Pumps? How to Build a Bigger & Harder Penis).

Because of the physics of how a penis pump works, immediate, temporary penis enlargement results are experienced by most men. The penis is filled with such a larger volume of blood than normal, that this hyper-engorged state not only produces erections significantly harder than normal, for many men. But, the erection is most often significantly larger than normal.

After the erection subsides, there is still a larger than normal volume of blood in the penis. This means that the man’s flaccid size is typically also larger than before he used a penis pump.

These temporary results are enough for many men. They (and their partners) love the immediate size and hardness increase!

However, can these results be permanent?


When used consistently, with enough usage and the right duration and vacuum, the penis pump can create those microtears we talked about earlier. The penile tissues go beyond simply being hyper-engorged with blood, to initiating cellular repair for permanent penis enlargement growth – both flaccid and erect.

As with all penis exercises and devices, the permanent results aren’t instantaneous. Permanent body change takes time. Be patient. Be consistent. And, you will get results. The benefit of using a penis pump is you get the temporary instant results while working on those permanent gains!



  1. I started with a 1.5” cylinder about eight years ago. It took about 9 months before I was able to pack it and moved up to a larger size. Eight years later, I am starting to pack a 2” cylinder. I still have my original 1.5” cylinder which is now too small to slide my unpumped up dick into .

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