Do You Wear Underwear or Go Commando? – The Modern Day, Age-Old Question

go commando or wear underwearIf you’ve read my articles or posts, you may already know… I’m addicted to reality TV. I especially love – Big Brother. So much so that I even record and watch the Big Brother After Dark shows – the unedited live feeds aired for free.  (No, I don’t pay for the 24-hour access. I’m not that addicted! 🙂 )

Anyway, it cracks me up what they talk about when they aren’t being edited for prime time. In a recent episode, this included a discussion of how Jason AKA Whistle-Nut normally goes commando. In fact, he actually had to go out and buy underwear, before coming on the show, because he didn’t own any!

So, the question I ask is – do you wear underwear or do you go commando? Is one better than the other?

Why You Should Go Commando

  1. It’ll keep you cooler – Having one less layer of clothing will help you keep your body cooler. For men wanting to improve sperm motility, this could be especially important for the testicular area.
  2. It’s liberating – There’s something freeing about… well, being underwear-free! For some, it’s a secret thrill, knowing there’s nothing underneath their pants. This could make you feel more confident or even sexier.
  3. You won’t have to wash underwear – Without wearing underwear, you won’t be washing underwear. You not only save time, but money on soap, bleach, fabric softener, and the power to wash and dry said underwear.  (Plus, you’ll save money from not buying underwear in the first place!)
  4. Easier access for quickies – With no underwear in the way, it’s that much easier for those occasional quickies that come up!

Why You Should Wear Underwear

  1. Chafing isn’t fun – Without underwear to keep your bits and bobs from rubbing against your pants, you likely are going to experience some chafing. A little baby powder or petroleum jelly can help protect against this.
  2. Jock itch isn’t fun either – Without the moisture wicking material of underwear, jock itch can be an increasing problem. Keep your Beanies and weanie dry – again, baby powder can help here.
  3. You’ll have more laundry – Although you won’t have to wash underwear any longer, you will be washing your pants and shorts more often. Your bare privates sweating (and other are areas) directly against your pants means they’re going to get stinkier and dirtier more quickly. Because of their size, this means you’ll likely be doing MORE laundry. If you have dry clean only slacks, this can increase your dry cleaning bill significantly.
  4. Stains on your pants – Best case scenario, you’ll have some sweat stains on your pants and shorts. Remember, that underwear usually prevents this. Worst case scenario… you have, ummm, other *cough cough* stains. Whether from a not-so-effective wiping or a little over-exuberant flatulence, without underwear, that’s going directly to your pants.

So, which do you do — do you wear underwear or do you go commando, and why?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

5 thoughts on “Do You Wear Underwear or Go Commando? – The Modern Day, Age-Old Question

  1. Commando all the way. I notice cofidence goes up. Dont have any chaffing or jock itch issues. Need to be careful with clothing though. Not all clothing is suitable if “too much” is revealed. Especially if kiddos are around.

  2. Commando all the way. Boys feel cramped and get sweaty when they’re all bunched up all day. Sometimes there is an uncomfortable rub, though, with certain clothing or motions. Also, when seated this means my bulge is much more prominent, which at times could be misinterpreted.

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