Does Penis Enlargement Work? A Survey of 1000 Men

Penis enlargement exercises – do they really work? And if so, are they healthy? Most importantly, what are the best penis enlargement techniques? These are the questions that the penis enlargement survey set out to answer.

Do penis enlargement exercises work?

Most men who've actually tried using penis enlargement exercises, like the ones found on this site, will tell you that the exercises work. They will also probably tell you two other things.

First, they will tell you natural penis enlargement is a gradual process, and it often takes years for a man to reach his goal.

Second, they will tell you no one is exactly sure how penis enlargement works, or even what works the best. No one knows if a warm-up increases gains, or if exercising more than 30 minutes a day is harmful or beneficial.

No one knows if masturbation helps growth, influences growth, or doesn't affect growth at all. There have been no tests nor any experiments. When it comes to penis enlargement, we know quite a bit, but what we know is hearsay — i.e. in a broad sense we know what has worked for us and thousands of others.

This isn't effective and it surely isn't efficient. To maximize gains and minimize time spent exercising the penis, we need to know more. . .

Enter The Penis Enlargement Survey

The first penis enlargement survey was our first step in building data on natural penis enlargement. The survey was conducted on an advance survey website. It was opened for nearly three months during the summer of 2005.

In all, 957 men took the penis enlargement survey. Only 545 men, however, finished the entire survey, and only these men were used in the analysis.

For a quick-glance of the results: Penis Survey

For an overview of the most intriguing finds: Controversies With the Penis Enlargement Survey

For the individuals analyses with graphs and more information, click on the appropriate link below:

Average Penis Size Increase
Masturbation Penis Size
Ejaculation Penis Size
Penis Discoloration
Time Spent Penis Exercising
Time Spent on Penis Workout
Penis Enlargement Pills
Penis Curve, Erection Level and More
Penis Heat

This is the first installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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