Don’t Miss the Trifecta of Savings with Isagenix! Offer Ends April 1st!

cardio health and sexual staminaWhether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, combat aging, or just live a healthier lifestyle, Isagenix has what you need.  We’ve said it numerous times over the years —

Your overall health is CRITICAL to your sexual health!

What good is sexual stamina, if your lack of cardio stamina means you get winded easily? What good is is a long, thick penis, if your arm and/or leg muscles tire out easily? What good is all the sexual technique in the world, if your sexual position choices are limited by your body weight and/or large tummy?

Plus, your erection quality completely depends on your cardiovascular health!

This is why we love Isagenix! No matter if you’re a professional athlete or a couch potato or someone in between – Isagenix will improve your overall health, and improve your sexual health! All while being –

  • isagenix weight loss shakeGluten-free
  • Low-glycemic carbs
  • High protein
  • SUPER-high quality undenatured  whey – which means your body is actually going to absorb and use that protein (unlike most protein drinks you can buy at your local big box retailer)!
  • 22 vitamins and minerals – means each shake is a COMPLETE meal (healthier than our typical modern normal meals, in fact!)

And, until April 1st, all new customers get HUGE savings!! (MrKimberly & I have been personally using Isagenix since September and have never seen this big of a promotion!)

New Customers who join Isagenix during this promotion period are eligible for up to three promotions on their initial orders. Here’s how the Trifecta promotion breaks down:

  1. Free ground shipping up to US$50/CA$55 with your initial order of any 30-day system or combination of products totaling 150 points.
  2. Free one-year membership with your initial order of any 30-day system or combination of products totaling 150 points.
  3. In addition to free ground shipping and free membership, new Customers who order any products totaling 200 points or more, on their initial orders can add 1 free 6-pack box of e+™ shots or a 12-pack of e+ shots at half price. (You must add the e+ box to your initial order at the time of purchase to receive this offer. A credit will be applied upon checkout.)

This generous free ground shipping offer is enough to ship the most massive of initial orders!

But wait, there’s more!

New Customers who join Isagenix with the Weight Loss Value Pak will receive an additional US/CA$29 off their order!

amped isagenix sale protein barOH!  And, from now until March 31st, you can get AMPED Protein Bars Buy One Get One 50% Off!!

Choose from either the Cookie Dough or Strawberries & Cream flavors!  Both are DELICIOUS!!!!

Use Coupon Code:

No maximum on this offer, so be sure to stock up on these two yummy flavors!!

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