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Detraining and porn addiction

Detraining and porn addictionBig Al, of, answers questions about downward jelqs, ULIs, educational sex videos, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. It’s hard to jelq 100% downward…

… because of the testes etc. Is it still better to do it at an angle downward as much as possible?

Big Al: If you’re seated and you’re sitting at the edge of the seat, it should be easy for you to jelq downward.  You do not have to be perpendicular to the floor- a comfortable approximation will suffice.

Q. I usually started ULI’s only after being at a 9 or 10 erection level …

… I’m not sure if I could go any higher. Also, there were times when I found it hard to sustain an erection until completion of the exercise. Any advice?

Big Al: Sustaining a high degree of erection for the ULI is vital.  If you’re experiencing problems with that, my advice would be for you to focus less on increasing reps/time for the ULI and refining the exercise first. Once you can performed the assigned reps/time in a quality fashion, then you can resume adding reps/time.

Q. I have noticed great gains in my stamina, when I masturbate,…

… when performing the stop/start exercise, but my stamina is still not the same when having sex with my girlfriend.  The more I think about it, I am guessing this is a psychological factor as this started happening when she told me about her past partners and being traumatized for the lack of “ability” on my part.  The before and after  the incident is a markedly different scenario–with before consistently going minimum 5-10 minutes of intercourse, with the after having a difficult time with 3 minutes.  I have started doing yoga and meditation to relieve myself of the trauma, but I believe that with the great gains I have made when edging, I wish to start on the normal penis enlargement routine.  I believe that the confidence of being bigger or seeing improvement will allow me to overcome the trauma easier.  I feel that I should continue to edge for various reasons as I realized greater hardness and ability to maintain a longer erection.

Big Al: If you don’t mind me asking, about how many minutes per week are you engaged in vigorous sexual contact?  If it’s significant, your sexual activity can serve as a substitute for any scheduled stamina work. Outside of that, the kegels and Stop and Starts should be done with
paying maximum attention to your “visualizations”.  This is NOT a reference to sexual fantasizing, but to projecting the type of emotions you wish to have during actual sexual encounters.  You’ll want to project a feeling of utmost confidence and being completely unencumbered.  That way, you can focus on all of the sensations of the exercise.  By doing this, when you do have live sexual encounters your emotions will be “trained”, and the stimulus of a live environment will help you enjoy the experience even more.

Q. Hey Al!  Educational sex videos aren’t…

… the same as porn or are they?

Big Al: For training purposes, “porn” could be considered anything that tempts you into stimulating yourself while viewing it.  This is important to note, because some men get so addicted to porn that it desensitizes them. They then need “harder” porn over time to derive the same benefit.  It’s because of that that porn is often compared to addictive drugs in its effects.

Kimberly Wylie

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