Ejaculating During Training, Stop & Starts & More: Ask the Experts

premature ejaculation start and stop

premature ejaculation start and stopBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about ejaculating during training, stop and starts and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. Do I really need to ejaculate during training?…

…If so, then how often should I ejaculate if I don’t want to overdo it and have it affect my gains?

Big Al: If you wish to become proficient in handling yourself in a sexual scenario, the process of ejaculation itself should be mastered.  The average number of recommended ejaculations for training is 3-4 times a week.  This is a BASELINE recommendation.  You’re not going to put a limit on your ejaculations for sexual activity, but please allow for the difference in sexual activity and stamina training.  If you’re extremely sexually active then you might require extra rest between your training days- as sexual activity can also be considered a form of training.

EQ can be affected by too many (or even too few, over time) ejaculations, and also in the level of libido- which is important for maintaining the proper degree of erections for exercises requiring it.  EQ impacts gains by affecting the quality of erections in training, auxiliary tissue expansion (e.g.- stamina training performed after enlargement work) and recovery.  Because it’s so important, I use the EQ stat as a benchmark for many different things- the level of trainees’ conditioning, cumulative fatigue in a training cycle, and (if measured under specific scenarios) a window into potential “situational” ED.

The initial recommendation of ejaculating 3-4 times a week is a good “average” baseline.  Most younger men who I speak with usually ejaculate much more frequently than that, but this often results in lower libido and EQ levels.  The situation is often complicated if porn abuse is involved. These men are usually insttructed to train “down” in regards to the frequency of their ejaculations.

On the opposite end, men who rarely ejaculate may find themselves having a lack of conditioning and control.  It’s also been shown that men who refrain from ejaculating for very long periods of time settle into that pattern as a new “default”.  Studies show T levels are affected by that, too.  Men in that scenario would need to train “up” to the recommended nechmark if they expect to develop high EQ and ejaculatory control.

Q. About the start and stop,…

… if I do it with an erection about 16cm-16.7 cm (always assuming my max length is 17.2 cm) i can last for more than 20 min. If sometime during this I hit a 17+ cm or close to my full erection I can’t last even for a couple of seconds and I have to relax.

Big Al:  That would make sense- since [usually] the more you’re aroused the more erect your penis is.  Remember, the goal of this particular exercise is to prime you for sexual activity- so the goal would be harder erections AND more stamina- which are the qualities that the EQ stat is comprised of.

Q. I’m not experiencing any negative side effects after my routine, but I do turtle…

...when I’m in the gym working out or exercising. Will this change over time? I’ve always hated that.

Big Al: Turtling during intense workouts (especially if they’re aerobic in nature) is common.  If you have a sizable fat pad, reducing it will help to alleviate the feeling of turtling.  Apart from fat pad reduction, light stretches and applied heat will help you counter it.

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