What NOT To do When Trying to Enhance Your Penis

man inserts ball bearings into penis

man inserts ball bearings into penisI think I understand male sexual health self-improvement better than most women. In fact, I think it’s great when men realize they can enjoy the benefits — both physically and emotionally — from male enhancement. However, I’m going to say this to all of the men out there…

Guys – please, don’t do what this guy did.


So, what did he do? Implanted 10 steel ball bearings in his penis.  I’m sure there’s a great Superman “balls of steel” joke somewhere here.

Textured: For No One’s Pleasure

44-year old Ramil decided he wanted to enhance his sexual performance. Instead of practicing stamina exercises, or learning new techniques to please his partner, he decided to implant 10 ball bearing into his penis.

You read that correctly.  10 ball bearing into the shaft of his penis. Better yet — he did it himself! Apparently, Ramil is one tough dude!  Perhaps the smartest, but definitely pretty tough to cut into your own penis!

However, instead of being the sexual powerhouse Ramil had hoped for, the absolute opposite happened. After a few months, he began to experience excruciating pain. Then, he encountered complete impotence.

For six months, Ramil endured the pain and the lack of erection. Finally, he went to the doctor and discovered… surprise – surprise… the ball bearings had rusted!

Ramil said he got the idea from a friend, who said he did the same thing and it had really improved his sexual prowess.  I say — With friends like that…  yeah, I don’t have friends like that.

Ramil’s Not Alone

australian prisoners implant stuff in their penisSurprisingly, Ramil and his friend aren’t alone in the implanting stuff in your own penis trend. The University of New South Wales found that Australian prison inmates while away the hours cutting open their penises and inserting a variety of items, including: dominoes, dice, buttons, and the caps from tubes of toothpaste. They then tape them back together to heal. 

Of the 1900 prisoners surveyed, 6 percent said they had inserted an object into their penis and of that 6 percent, 75 percent of them had done it while they were in prison. Apparently, there are also prisoners in the US doing this as well, although it is (as of yet) not as common.

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