Enlarge Your Penis With the Right Attitude

man with two thumbs up - Enlarge Your Penis With the Right Attitude

Learn how getting your attitude right will not only increase your chances of success, but also your penis health.

man with two thumbs up - Enlarge Your Penis With the Right Attitude
I believe it is best to put GROWTH aside from your mind and go for a HEALTHY dick! By doing that, you have a much greater chance of growing a big dick too! That is to say, go for harder more frequent erections [better Erectile Quality or EQ], along with a heavy flaccid, and a constant slight horniness too.  I say this because, almost universally, if you’re “in the zone” with your routine, then you will experience that.  And if you are in “the zone” that gives you the best chance of growth.

Go For Positive PI’s

Once you obtain positive PI’s…gradually increase time/force while MAINTAINING those positive PI’s. Doing this will allow you to find your ideal time/force, while avoiding excessive time/force that stops growth and can actually result in shrinkage. If you begin to see diminution of those positive PI’s while increasing intensity, then either stop the progression of your routine (time/force) or BETTER YET, take an extra day off and go back to the last productive parameter you were using.

The process may be slow at first, but you will experience the benefit of more powerful dick, which in itself is great and great for your sex partner. By gradually increasing intensity while paying attention to your PIs, you are almost guaranteed to find a productive routine, and be able to stay in it far better and longer.

On the other hand, by rushing into PE, with your best best guess, and constantly changing…it could be YEARS before you find a productive routine…IF EVER!!!

Take it Gradual

One of the things I advise guys is to separate PE from entertainment. That is to say, develop a scientific basic plan and SLOWLY increase time/force while maintaining positive PIs. If you get carried away with your time/force because it feels good (and God knows that it can), you can totally blow your routine and progress.

Further, I advise guys to stay away from chemical/vitamin enhancers (cialis, viagra, arginine etc) UNTIL they get a read on what their routine is doing as far as their PI’s. If you artificially enhance your erection, you will have no idea if you are overtraining…it could be masked by the chemical.

I truly believe that a healthy dick will grow much faster, better and safer than a beat up one. I think any method of applied force to the penis can be productive if you understand what you are trying to do…and how to go about it in a scientific manor.

If It Aint’ Broke, Why Fix It?

One more thing: NEVER change a routine that IS resulting in progress!!!!!!  Wait until progress slows greatly or stops, then incrementally increase it until progress starts again.

The other alternative is to take a one or two week break and resume the routine that stopped working. This is probably the wisest option to try first. If during the break you make some gains…then it reinforces the idea that you will benefit from occasional breaks more than increased time/force. It is also a possible indicator of overtraining. If you find you lose some progress during the break…shrinkage…it is a good indicator that you need to increase your time/force.

It’s also best to try to break a growth plateau with increased time first, before trying increased force. In the long run, the less force we use to achieve growth, the less likely to induce a fibrotic/toughening response that will eventually mandate a long deconditioning break.


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