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male enhancement coach big al penis enlargement tension stretchBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about erection maintenance and maintaining erection quality, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’m facing a frustrating challenge in maintaining an erection during the Erect Kegel

…Stop and Starts are usually OK, but many a times the erection refused to sustain through the period of the Stop and Starts as well.  My sexual performance is good so I don’t know what the problem could be with my erection maintenance?

Big Al: Please note- performing for stamina exercises like Erect Kegels and Stop and Starts may be more challenging than performing during sexual contact due to the lack of stimuli.  This is more a question of developing extra-normal discipline than something fundamentally EQ related.

What’s VITAL is for you approach your training in an objective manner and do your best to emphasize only positive emotional visualizations during your sessions.  Remember- you’re not training to perform high reps of your exercises (this is incidental)- you’re using the exercises to help you towards your goals.

Stay at the 5 rep mark with your Kegels until you feel more comfortable and can employ a 90%+ erection for each reps.  Refresh your erections as needed up to 3 times during this exercise- and don’t just jump into your exercises once you get a 100% erection- spend a little extra time with the refreshing to ensure you can maintain the erection for longer periods.  Some have mastered a way to stimulate DURING the Kegel without interfering with the form of the exercise. This may take some practice, though.

Q. There are just some days where my EQ is no good!

Is there something I can do for those days where I’m just really tired or my EQ just can’t get high enough to perform some exercises, instead of taking the day off?

Big Al: We definitely want to see EQ going up as the cycle progresses.  What we want to do is to see what patterns are developing (via the MeCoach journal) and what specifically is contributing to poor EQ on certain days.  On days where you feel your EQ is fairly low, you might opt to perform light training and focus on EQ friendly activities like pumping and/or light jelqing.  If your EQ is very poor, you can take the day off.


  1. My primary goal is EQ. Any suggestions for how to maintain 100% for as long as possible both with, and without stimulation?

    Also, I can get to what seems to be 105% when I am as hard a possible, and then I kegal and hold, but then when I release the kegal, I go down to way less then 100%. Is there any way to keep that fully firm 105% feeling without kegaling? Relaxing into it somehow?

    Thank you,


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