Erection Quality Supplements, Advanced Training & Stop and Starts: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers questions about supplements for erection quality, advanced training and stop & starts, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I want to start training and using your coaching service soon…

…but I want to focus on improving my erection quality first.  Are there any supplements I should look into for hardness?

Big Al: Herbs like Maca and Yohimbe are good, but the latter is powerful and can have negative effects on those with high blood pressure.  L-Arginine is beneficent, and if you’re into intense resistance training and are supplementing for that, then L-Arginine/creating mixes will have a definite effect. Unless you really need the boost, I do recommend spending the first couple of weeks supplement free so as to establish a control period to evaluate from.

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Q. I’ve been training on and off for a few months and now want to get more serious about my workouts and gains!…

…I was looking at your Basic Training routine but it looks pretty easy.  Is there another routine you suggest which will be more challenging?

Big Al: If you’re able to perform over 100 reps of the jelq, then I recommend you get started on a more advanced routine- like the Jelq Free or the JP90.  Both of these don’t have the upper level volume limitations recommended in the Basic Training routine.

Q. The Stop and Starts looks like a good exercise…

…but I can only last 2-3 minutes before I pop off. Do I just stay with that exercise or is there something else I can do?

Big Al: If you last less than 5 minutes with the standard version you can attempt the “Extreme” Stop and Starts.  This is where you perform up to 10 “stops” in order to get that very necessary temporal conditioning.  Once you can get to 10-15 minutes in this fashion, you can stay at that time but just begin cutting the stops down to 3, over time.


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