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erection hardnessBig Al, of, answers questions about the importance of EQ training, stretching, how often to ejaculate, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I think I was neglecting my EQ (erection quality) training part a bit…

… I was doing them but not really increasing them, as I should. I think I was a bit low on the reps too. Lesson learned, I know I need to stay focused and keep accurate logs. My focus swayed a bit, but I think I’m back on track. The rest did me a world of good, as well as reading your emails detailing your routine. My focus is bringing my EQ and stamina into line with my exercises. I think that may have been letting me down. Appreciate any advice as always.

Big Al:  Thanks 🙂  You’re learning that EQ is a HUGE factor in gains.  You can make size gains with a mediocre “enlargement” program if your EQ is very high, whereas you can be following the best possible enlargement regimen and not make size gains if your EQ is not good.

Q. Basically, I have been doing what you said, and have gotten back the lost length,…

… so now I am approx 7.25 BPEL.  Up to 25 tension stretches.  How do I know when I stretched enough?

Big Al:  The early phase of a training cycle is where you establish a baseline to work up from.  This workout should allow for some training momentum in both intensity and volume, so you can forecast getting up to the final weeks being challenged.  Your penis should feel slightly tired, but any exhaustion should not last more than 1 hour (and this is towards the end of a cycle), and you should NOT be anything more than very slightly sore the next day.

Q. I noticed I get temporary gains of BPFSL of .25 inch…

… from before to after stretching.  Is growing all about cementing these gains?  Does temporary stretch eventually turn into permanent?

Big Al:  “Growing the gains” is an excellent phrase to describe the effect you’re inducing 🙂  You should initially see an increase in the post-training FSL, which should manifest into actual gains.

Q. How often should I be ejaculating…

… and when would be the best times to do so, in order not to interfere with my training? 

Big Al: If you’re sexually active, then that would take priority over any structured training.  If you’re not sexually active, then you should limit your ejaculations to your stamina exercise.

More and more trainees are forgoing dating because they masturbate (especially to porn).  Some have even called it a ‘relationship substitute.’ By limiting your ejaculations to training only, your libido will be higher, and you’ll be more inspired to actually get out there and socialize.

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