Erection Tea: Drink Your Way to a Harder Erection?

erection tea

erection teaWe talk about proper nutrition and supplements quite a bit here at PEGym. As with any bodily function, your erection is dependent on the nutrition you consume. Heart-healthy nutrition and supplements that promote circulation can improve your erection quality.

What about drinking something that improves circulation?

Is there such a thing as “Erection Tea”?

You can find a recipe for Erection Tea here —

Erection Tea: How to Make It and What It Does

The premise of the tea centers on two primary dilators — caffeine and ginger. Both of these ingredients can give a temporary increase in circulation, when consumed in great enough quantities.

The addition of honey and lemon have supposed effects on testosterone levels and arterial health, respectively. However, the quantities of these two ingredients in the tea make it unlikely these would be noticeable.

Personally, given the acidic nature of black tea, I would suggest switching the black tea for a caffeinated version of green tea. This would also give the added benefit of the antioxidants present in green tea, while also promoting enhanced circulation.


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