Penis Essential Vein Oil: EVO

essential vein oil
Essential vein oil includes olive oil, rosemary, lavender, and other herbs.

Similar to many other penis oils, Essential Vein Oil (EVO) was made for the sole purpose of penile exercising. For that reason, EVO is a more beneficial lubricant than the standard Vaseline, baby oil, and other commonly used lubricants. The downfall of EVO is that you have to make it yourself, making it a tad more expensive. But that hasn’t stopped hundreds of men from making it their lubrication of choice.


Created by a penile exerciser who uses the online alias Eroset, EVO combines several essential oils and herbs that are vasodilators—meaning they open your blood vessels and increase blood flow. As a result, EVO is great for increasing hardness and overall penile health. Many men have also found it useful in quickly dissipating thrombose veins and other unwanted side effects.

The Benefits of Essential Vein Oil for Penis Enlargement

Choosing a proper penis lubricant is important. Some lubricants that have been designed specifically for penile exericsing come pre-made, such as Enlargel. Others, like EVO, require you to make them yourself.

Regardless if you create your own lubricant or buy one, you’ll want a lubricant that encourages healthy, flexible skin. A bad lubricant causes skin to go dry and chafe. At first, any of the popular lubricants will most likely suffice. As time goes on, you may want an extra kick in your lubricant. Essential Vein Oil is just that.

Ingredients Needed to Make EVO for Penis Enlargement

You should be able to find these ingredients in most natural health stores. Make sure that you are buying Pure Essential Oils (NOT fra-grance oils or scented oils—both are harsh on the skin):

  • 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base carrier for the essential oils. Men with sensitive skin will want to use more than a cup of olive oil to dilute the essential oils. To be safe, use at least a cup at first. You may eventually use less olive oil, but it is suggested that you do it slowly.
  • 6 mL of Lavender Essential Oil (organic or 40/42 oil).
  • 2.5 mL of Rosemary Essential Oil. Men with sensitive skin will want to go easy on this and may want to use less than the 2.5 mL suggestion. If you experience unpleasant irritation, this is the oil to look at first. Rosemary is the best vasodilator in the mix and great penetrating oil, but it’s also the harshest on the skin.
  • 2 mL of Clary Sage Essential Oil.
  • 1.5-2 mL of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Men with sensitive skin will want to go easy on this as well.

Instructions for Making Essential Vein Oil for Penis Enlargement

Pour the oils into a bottle and shake to ensure the oils are mixed. Do this before every use. If you are using EVO for the first time, you must test it on something other than your penis first. Test EVO by placing a tiny bit on a cotton swab and apply it to the inside of your wrist or your inner elbow. Don’t wash the area for twenty-four hours. If no redness or itching occurs, then the EVO should be safe to use. Even still, use just a tiny amount the first time. If itching or redness does occur, add another cup of extra virgin olive oil to dilute the essential oils, and try again.

Essential oils are potent. Use them with caution if you’re a first time user. “When used intelligently, essential oils are far less likely to cause side effects than most over-the-counter drugs,” says author Bill Gottlied in New Choices in Natural Healing. “But experts still advice proceeding with caution. In general, people with fair or freckled skin are more likely to experience skin irritation from essential oils.”

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you might have an allergic reaction to essential oils. Also, keep essential oils away from pregnant women, and avoid using essential oils if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy. For these reasons, you are using essential oils at your own risk.

Essential Vein Oil and Penis Exercise Injuries

Some men have also found that Essential Vein Oil (EVO) and other penis lubricants created specifically for penile exercising work well in quickly relieving penile Mondor’s disease (also known as a thrombosed vein).

A throbmosed vein is rare with normal penile exercising (jelqing, stretching, etc.), but some men who use advanced techniques such as penis clamping have had it occur, one of those being Eroset himself. The good news: Essential Vein Oil (EVO) dissipated Eroset’s problem in just a few days. Many men have had similar success with EVO and thrombosed veins.

For dissipating thrombosed veins, Eroset suggests massaging the affected vein with EVO for five to ten  minutes, two to three times a day. Eroset also suggests leaving the EVO on your penis (unless you experience skin irritation), because “your penis will coninue to absorb the oils after your massage if you leave it on.”

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