Ex-Surgeon from Florida Arrested After Botched Penis Procedures


fl-deformed-penis-ex-surgeon-arrestI’ll start off this post with a warning…

If you are going to have any sort of medical or cosmetic procedure performed, make SURE it’s performed by a licensed physician. When it comes to your body, don’t try to save a buck by going with someone who isn’t currently licensed. Remember – there’s a reason why people lose their license or haven’t been licensed in the first place. 

Also, and perhaps obviously, instead of surgery and injecting things into your penis — try penis exercises! They work! From manual exercises like jelqing and penis stretches, to penis enlargement devices like the Bathmate and Phallosan Forte, you CAN enlarge your penis without going to surgical extremes.

So, apparently the primary victim in this case, needed someone to tell him this.

The unnamed victim first met 48-year-old Nery Carvajal (who authorities are still searching for), when she came into the victim’s salon. She came in to the salon numerous times during late 2012 and early 2013 and sold the victim injectable filler and cosmetic facial services.

The victim finally ended up going to Carvajal’s Hialeah warehouse location and paid Carvajal for several procedures including gluteal injections, chin injections, and he even took his mother to get permanent makeup done by Carvajal.  In March of 2014, the victim decided to get a penis enlargement procedure done by Carvajal.

He paid Carvajal $1,500 to inject his penis with filler. About an hour after the procedure, he noticed his penis was deformed. Over the next year, he went back to Carvajal, to have the filler removed. However, she was unsuccesful at fixing the botched filler, and Carvajal finally referred the victim to Mark Schreiber, who she introduced the victim to as “Dr. Mark.”

The victim then paid Schreiber $1,000 to surgically remove the filler. After the procedure, the victim woke up the next morning, with blood-soaked bandages around his penis.

“The victim’s penis was now incredibly small, yet very swollen and the skin around the shaft had been removed and was raw,” the warrant said. “The victim stated that his penis had retracted so far that it protruded less than one inch from his body.”

Two days after the surgery, the victim spoke to Schreiber and was told what he was experiencing was normal. Schreiber told him, “he should just put two sticks [on] either side of his penis and wrap it up to keep it straight,” the warrant stated.

After that conversation, the patient was never able to reach Schreiber again. However, he did keep in contact with Carvajal, who continued to tell the victim his penis would heal. When the victim continued to complain, Carvajal told him “he was responsible for his own situation because of his own vanity in wanting a larger penis,” the warrant said.

The victim went to authorities, because his penis is now severely deformed, he has no sensation during urination, and is unable to engage in sexual relations.

Screiber was arrested and is being held without bond. This isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble with the law. Schreiber was sentenced in 2008 to two years in prison on similar charges of practicing without a license. Authorities are still on the lookout for Carvajal.

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