Larger Glans, Jelqing vs. Stretching & More: Ask the Experts

big glansBig Al, of, answers questions about getting a larger girth on the glans, jelqing versus stretching and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. Every part of my package is coming along except for the head…

…What can I do for bigger head girth?

Big Al: For head (glans) girth, partial jelqs focusing on the forward portion of the exercise and ULIs will help.  You can also affect the glans during squeezes by making sure that your glans is inflated when you set your grip on the squeeze.  This will require a very high degree of erection and perhaps a quick kegel before setting your grip.  Another excellent exercise for this is the Erect Kegel.  You can observe the head of your penis (glans) stretch to the point to where the skin tightens enough to “shine”.

Q.  The mechanism of the jelq is similar to the stretch, correct?…

…If not, considering I have never jelqed before, would you say I’m more likely to gain length by jelqing or streching?

Big Al:  There is an element of stretching in the jelq- especially if the jelq is performed with a low degree of erection and little lube.  Friction takes the place of static tension.  If you want a “pure” length training regimen than I’d suggest direct stretches.

Q.  I’m considering purchasing a Bathmate to help my size training…

…What size pump do you recommend getting?

Big Al: When purchasing a penis pump for the purposes of enlargement you’ll need to get one above your target goal size.  Estimate an inch above your length and girth to give you room to expand in the pump.  Once you become accustomed to pumping you’ll be able to comfortably pump your penis to well above your normal erect size.  Use of a c-ring can help you to prolong the effect.  If you have problems with excess skin getting drawn into the cylinder when you pump you can rest the base of the pump high on your pubis when you pump.  The use of a “sleeve” can also help immensely.


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