The ExSPERMent: Increasing Your Ejaculation Load – Final Part


spermThis series of articles is courtesy of longtime member (nearly 4 years!) and retired moderator, Bnip. Bnip decided to do an experiment, to see  what he could do to increase the volume of his ejaculation, using supplements.

His research and findings are very interesting! Thank you, Bnip, for allowing us to post this series!

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Averages – Supplements vs. No Supplements

Following is Bnip’s data averaged and compared — supplements vs. no supplements.

HoursHydrated No SupplementsHydrated Supplements
2 Hours2.5ml2.5ml
18 Hours3.5ml3.7ml
24 Hours3.7ml4.0ml
48 Hours4.1ml4.2ml

The gains from hydrated with supplements was not significant enough to warrant a need to take them for increased load. A .15ml increase is so minimal that it can be disregarded.

HoursNot Hydrated No SupplementsNot Hydrated Supplements
2 Hours2.0ml2.4ml
18 Hours2.1ml2.7ml
24 Hours2.7ml2.7ml
48 Hours2.1ml2.8ml

The gains from not hydrated with supplements was larger then hydrated. However, the increase was still small and may warrant the take of supplements for little gain in load size.

After reviewing my findings, I have concluded three areas to increase load size and supplement is not one of them (time,hydration, and edging).

Recovery Time’s Effect on Load Size

Recovery time increases load size until diminishing returns start at the 48-72 hour mark. I have not recorded on here after 48 hours, but my experimentation has lead me to conclude that 3 days is the max needed for recovery time. 48 hours is enough time for recovery to warrant large loads.

Hydration’s Effect on Ejaculate Volume

Hydration as proved in my testing to be just as important if not more important then time. Your load is comprised of mostly water, so therefore, hydration will give you a much larger load.

Edging’s Effect on Load Size

Edging can cause load buildup which will give you larger loads with better orgasms. It makes sense, if you try to ejaculate quickly, then load is smaller and the orgasms aren’t as intense. However, if you edge, the buildup will yield larger loads and orgasms become greater and you may be able to multi-orgasm.

Bnip’s Opinion on Stack Load…

Horny Goat Weed
One A Day Pro Edge

The celery seed caused too much water loss and made my loads smaller.

Horny Goat Weed has enough Tribulus Terrestris in it, and taking more isn’t needed.

Bottomline…if you want bigger loads, give it 48-72 between ejaculations, stay hydrated, and prolong ejaculation as long as you can! Happy Shooting!

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