The ExSPERMent: Increasing Your Ejaculation Load – Part 2


spermThis series of articles is courtesy of longtime member (nearly 4 years!) and retired moderator, Bnip. Bnip decided to do an experiment, to see  what he could do to increase the volume of his ejaculation, using supplements.

His research and findings are very interesting! Thank you, Bnip, for allowing us to post this series!

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The ExSPERMent Baseline Test

The experiment will consist of a baseline test with different intervals between ejaculations, hydration intake, and how much in ml was ejaculated. All time intervals will have 3 ejaculations each to average.

Once a baseline is established, I will take the supplements and mirror the baseline time intervals and hydration. I am using a 10ml glass cylinder to collect my data. The data will be represented to the .1ml and all variables will be constant on preparation and how the experiment is handled.

(Each Hours consisted of 3 ejaculations each)

Hydration Data

Hydration data consisted of a gallon of water consumed daily.


  • 2.5ml 2 Hours
  • 3.5ml 18 Hours
  • 3.7ml 24 Hours
  • 4.1 ml 48 Hours

Avg. 3.45ml

Not hydrated is less than 8 glasses of water daily

Not Hydrated

  • 2.0ml 2 Hours
  • 2.1ml 18 Hours
  • 2.7ml 24 Hours
  • 2.1ml 48 Hours

Avg. 2.225ml


5ml 48 hours

Baseline Conclusion

I was bewildered by how water has such a huge impact on the volume of the load. It makes sense as semen is made up almost entirely of water. I have Edging/Hydrated by itself because I tried two nights ago and had to separate this finding. I edged for 30 minutes while being hydrated that day and I had a two orgasm blow of 5ml. It was amazing and very promising on the outcome. This was the biggest load I blew and I believe edging was a huge factor

So far from the baseline readings, if you want to blow a bigger load, stay hydrated and edge. More is to come and I will continue to update this until I am satisfied with the experiment. Please if you have any suggestions please let me know. I want to make this as accurate for all. Enjoy

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