The ExSPERMent: Increasing Your Ejaculation Load – Part 3


spermThis series of articles is courtesy of longtime member (nearly 4 years!) and retired moderator, Bnip. Bnip decided to do an experiment, to see  what he could do to increase the volume of his ejaculation, using supplements.

His research and findings are very interesting! Thank you, Bnip, for allowing us to post this series!

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Adding Supplements to the ExSPERMent

Following is Bnip’s first set of data, after being on supplements (as noted in Part 1 of this article series), for 3 days. His notes follow:

I have been on this cycle for 3 days now and I am seeing and feeling the results of the supplements. Start date 6-31-13.

Supplement Effects on Sperm Volume Data


  • 2.5ml 2 Hours
  • 3.7ml 18 Hours
  • 4.0ml 24 Hours
  • 4.2ml 48 Hours

Avg. 3.6ml

Not Hydrated

  • 2.4ml 2 Hours
  • 2.7ml 18 Hours
  • 2.7ml 24 Hours
  • 2.8ml 48 Hours

Avg. 2.6ml

Not Hydrated/Edging

2.9ml 18 Hours

Bnip’s Conclusion

The celery seed is flushing a lot of water out of my body and therefore I am removing it from the list. The diuretic effect is hurting my results.

Editor’s Note

It appears the supplements have had a positive effect on volume. Bnip’s average ejaculate volume when hydrated, before taking supplements was 3.45ml on average. His average pre-supplement volume, not hydrated, was 2.225ml. This means:

  • There was a 4.34% increase in volume when hydrated.
  • There was a 16.9% increase in volume when not hydrated.

These findings support the theory that supplements can have a positive effect on ejaculate volume.

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