Extender FAQs- Physiological Indicators and Concerns

Extender FAQs Psychological Indicators and Concerns

This article covers the basics questions that men ask regarding the physiological indicators and properties that many men will experience when using a penis extender.

Extender FAQs Psychological Indicators and Concerns


I have used an Extender (an X4 Labs product) for a year, and actively volunteering my support to fellow Penis Extender users in three different penis enhancement forums, I drew up the frequently asked issues that surface most often.

FAQ #1 – Glans turns purple

After I’ve been penis stretching for “xx” minutes, the head turns darker, purplish, gets cold. If I continue, it gets numb.

Numb means you have gone too far. Stop, dismount. Don’t go there, please! Purple is a sign of lack of oxygenated blood. Tissue temperature will drop, numbness will eventually set in. This is not a to be taken lightly and is an immediate sign to remove your penis extender. Take a break, massage, warm, restore circulation.

If you warm up, and can apply warming as you wear the extender, this may help. Warmer tissues circulate blood better than cold tissues.

Ever seen a Chinese finger trap?

A finger in each end and as you try to pull out your fingers, the trap constricts and will not let you get loose? Well, as you stretch veins, vessels, capillaries, that cause constriction or narrowing, reducing blood flow.

Likely, it is better to build up to the higher amount of tension over a number of weeks during penis exercises so you can adapt gradually. Play it by eye/ear, so it is said. No reason to rush. Be sure to take a day off now and then for rest and healing.

FAQ #2 – Skin/tissues are getting reddish, feeling irritated

( This is in the area where the fastening (strap/noose tube) is.)

If you are not allergic to Aspirin, there is an Aspirin based creme that contains Aloe Vera called Aspercreme. It gets absorbed topically and provides fairly quick relief. You may prefer your own lotion or creme, but take time to sooth the irritated penis.

A little discomfort can be dealt with, however, there is no good reason to continue on whilst tears run down your face and you grind your teeth. Try to alter something(s) to make wearing your penis extender a better experience.

FAQ #3- What about my foreskin and using an Extender?

Retract your foreskin first, and while holding it back, fasten yourself into the Extenders cradle. You want to be able to check skin color, temperature, until you are familiar/adept/accustomed in extender wearing/

You also do not want to hide the glans or penis head under the foreskin) while you are mounted into the extender. If you have a tight, difficult to retract foreskin, it would be best for you to devote some time and exercise effort to loosening it up to reach a comfortable state.

Consider working with it to be more pliable, flexible, as best you can, over time. If your frenulum is the problem in retraction, you may be able to loosen that up over time. Go gently.

The foreskin is richly populated with capillaries, veins, vessels and the like. Best to take some amount of caution against pinching, tearing, stretching, and cutting off circulation.

FAQ #4 – It Slips out, or it is slipping. What do you suggest?

One needs to carefully examine where the slippage is occurring at, so a solution can be tried.


-Your glans shrinks, and it slips from under the penile extender fastening device (noose/strap)

-Your foreskin slips from under the fastening device.

-Your penis extender “strap” slips and loosens through the slots in the glans cradle.

-Your penis extender “noose” tube slips from the notches on the under side of the glans cradle. Remember, cremes, lotions, if left on the skin may cause slipping.

Once you get specific as to what’s occurring, it empowers you to begin altering things to affect a fix. Just saying “it slips” is too vague. Look closely!

FAQ# 5 – Can I wear my extender to bed, while sleeping?

I like wearing mine while resting horizontally, playing couch potato, being a sofa slug. Before you attempt sleeping, you need to work through any fastening considerations, circulatory concerns, and practice this on a quiet period in your bed.

Reports of waking to an icy cold glans, severe discoloration, the penile extender pinching, falling off, getting hopelessly gnarled in the linens…you get the point. You have to work through this endeavor very carefully. Some users just get in an hour or so of light sleep, then remove the device.

Some have reported wearing it with minimal pull applied, as a solution. With minimal pull, you may be able to fasten in somewhat looser.

FAQ #6 – What direction do I point the extender at?


Pointing at toes, 6pm

Pointing up at navel/bellybutton, 12 noon

(or, if you have an outtie navel, then it’s 12 midnight)

Pointing straight out, 9 o’clock.

You will find that as you move between the 12:00 and 6:00 positions, that there are different amounts of penis available to stretch. Therefore, if you fasten at 12:00, adjust the tension, then move it to 6:00, you may be better served by decreasing the tension/grams/pulling force, to compensate. You may need to experiment, as someone out there will have a different body construct than I.

If you adjust the extenders “pull” while seated, and then stand up, you may feel this effect. If you adjust while laying on the sofa or bed, and then attempt to stand upright in a hurry, you may get an “owwwie” , and discover you’ll never do that in a hurry again.


  1. Very practical advice on how to safely wear an extender. I would only add that if you’re getting numb due to a noose extender or a strap extender, cutting in to the area behind your glans, sometimes gauze or another type of wrap can help you avoid this, and keep the extender safer and more comfortable.

  2. I had to LOL at some of the comments .
    But , good information for men starting out . Like me !!
    I’m gathering all the info available before I extend .
    Great , Dangler !!

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