Extender FAQs- Routine Development and Schedule

penis extender faqs routine development and schedule

This article covers the many questions involved with scheduling time and setting a routine for using your penis extender.

penis extender faqs routine development and schedule

FAQ #7 – What ways do I need to develop my extender wearing?

Usually advisable to warm up the penis tissues, do some of your favorite hand loosening/stretching/warming up manipulations.

Non stressed:
To wear the penis extender so that it is just holding your penis with little or no pull or tension.
Handy if you are going to be moving around, have slippage difficulties. Good way to get used to wearing an extender. You can teach your irritated penis to quit resisting your extender. When first beginning, try this for at least a week.


You have pulling force or tension (grams) adjusted in to your extender. You have mastered fastening yourself in so that you don’t slip out, and do not suffer severe circulatory problems. A mild to moderate force is employed to hold the penis in a stretched out, yet comfortable state, you can usually/easily wear the extender for about an hour. My belief is that this is the condition, when used, perpetuates healthy bigger penis growth. I like to make my sessions 1 to 2 hours.

Over Stressed
You keep slipping out, you have severe discoloration, it begins to cause pain. You are not accustomed to the amount of pull or tension you are trying to use. You have fastening issues that are not compatible with higher tension levels. You need to avoid this condition. You may cause cellular damage that is not cellular stretching, but is actually causing scar tissue at the cell level. Scar cells resist stretching, and do not add to penile lengthening.

FAQ #8 – Which way do I point for length? Which way for girth?

Some conversations indicate 6:00 – 9:00 o’clock for penis length, 9 to 12 for penis girth. Your mileage may vary.

This borders on pointing where LOT(a) occurs, and do you believe it to be a useful phenomena, or not.

What works best, is what works so that you can maintain comfort.If you get achy after 40 minutes at 6pm, then point it in another direction.

(a) LOT – Loss of Tugback. see here:

Bib’s LOT Theory 101 – Penis Enlargement Manual

FAQ #9- What kind of schedule might I consider?

At one point this schedule was suggested over at one Extenders forum: note: “suggested”, take breaks as needed. Some have reported minimal success using this somewhat aggressive wearing routine.

Week#….. Hrs….. Tension

  1. …………..1……..600 or less if you deem that appropriate for your situation.
  2. …………. 2……. 900
  3. …………. 3……. 1000
  4. …………..2……. 1000
  5. …………..3……. 1200
  6. …………..4……. 1200
  7. …………..4……. 1200
  8. +………….6…….1200

Take as much time as you need to do this in a sane way. It makes no sense to make this a race. Penis extending needs time.

An alternative method

First week, use minimal tension.

This is to get used to wearing an extender & to work through any fastening considerations. Dealing with comfort, skin pinching, slipping, foreskin or not, noose tube, strap, Velcro strap, foam pads, cotton wraps, etc.

The time you spend getting this ironed out at minimal pull/tension, is a good investment. Learn to warm up, loosen up your penis prior to fastening in. Gentle Jelqing.

2nd Week 600 grams or maybe less. Start building up the time you can wear it, called “session time”. Check frequently for skin color, glans temperature and color.

I sailed along with the 600 grams for a good 7 to 9 months. Every 5 weeks, I would crank up the grams to 900, and try to get in 6 to 8 hours of wearing at that amount of pull.

My goal was to complete those sessions in 2 days or less.

Then, I would return to wearing using the 600 grams. I would monitor my BPXL (length in the Penis Extender, and was averaging 0.2” of increased BPXL per 5 weeks. Your mileage may vary, pending how many hours of wearing occur in that time frame.

This is somewhat analogous to Calixto’s Power Pull method.

My usage favors that the tissues react favorably to being gently stretched out, and held there.It took me over 9 months to work up to 1200 grams. Your mileage may vary. I may fasten in at 1200, and then “mostly” leave the adjustment alone after that. The tissues will relax, the 1200 gm will now be less, if it drops below 600, I increase it to 600. I find wearing will be very comfortable.

If your extender is not built to give you feedback as to what “pulling” tension you are using, and you have access to a digital scale, it is possible to do a rough calibration, and make marks that help you monitor and adjust.

Take a day or two off, regularly. This rest period is actually advantageous to growing and gaining. You are not just stretching an ear lobe; you are gently encouraging a complex organ to grow in penis length/penis girth. Nerves, veins, and all the parts that are inside, may not grow at the exact same rate.

Moderator BigAl, has extra reading:

BigAls Routine and Penile Lengthening Devices by BigAl


  1. Hi I have done jelqing and stretching exercises over the years. Never on a fixed programme. I have gone from 15cm to 16cm erect and I’m thicker as well I think. However, I have a lot of loose skin on my penis and little bit of a turkey neck. When semi erect or erect, penis looks great.

    Problem is, skin feels desentised and I have trouble getting erections. I had to use herbal pills or ginseng to ensure I get erections with my x girlfriend and it seems like I succeeded in keeping her happy. However, I am now on cholesterol and anti-deprression medication, but the anti-depressant ons doesn’t impair sectual function.

    I have decided to get a bigger penis now after my x left me. Reason being I felt hurt about some comments she made regarding my lenth and size, however she said I had a nice size for her.

    I have started on the week 3 penis advantage stretching and jelqing programme and purchased andropenis extender. The noose is giving me problems. Scared of hurting my glans as it’s already wrinkly. I am circumsized. Also have a lot of loose skin on penis caused by a penis pump but possibly also jelqing. Also have turkey neck now, but doesn’t look to bad.

    I have been wearing extender for about 4 hours for the first week now. Had one complete day of rest form exercises and extender.
    Problem is, I have struggled to have erections over the years without help and now I can’t get it up at all since starting pe again.
    I am an extremely fit and healthy male, but can’t get erections. Did I damage my penis? Will pc ecercises cure my problem? Can I continue with PE? When I massaged the ligaments over the past few days, it felt a little but tender, but not much pain. I just can’t get an erection.
    Please help as I want to start dating again?

  2. This is a nice overview of how to use a penis extender. Very straightforward and sensible. I found the guidelines on what kind of tension to use, in what week and how many hours to wear the penis stretcher the most useful.

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  5. This is very informative . I’m wanting to try an extender and this
    has given me a good start on figuring out how to go about it .
    Thanks Dangler .

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