Extender FAQ’s- Supplemental Items and Advancing

penis extender faq's supplemental items and advancing

This article covers additional issues concerning the use of a penis extender as well as additional tools and products that others might use in conjunction with their penis extender.

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FAQ #10 – Other Tools? What other tools?

There are other tools; you may want to add, to your Penis Enlargement toolbox.

I utilize other non-extender tools, for those times, when wearing an Extender just doesn’t work well. Like mowing the lawn, rafting in the pool, shopping in the mall, doing calesthetic exercises, or sleeping at night.

My favorite is the “autoxleeve”. A silicon tube one wears over the shaft, has a small weighted end cap. It is unrolled over the shaft, and encourages the penis to be ever-so-gently held outward.

(Anti-turtling, sort of like an All Day/night lightweight ADS/ANS. research it here: AutoXleeve)

Other devices on Ebay, Amazon, may also be to your liking.

Any other tools?

A good quality penis pump, like the Bathmate.

The pump can, after an Extender wearing session, be used to restore circulation to your penis. Use the penis enlargement forums to establish safe use guidelines for inches of mercury vacuum (3″ to 5″hg for example), and time of being under vacuum, and number of penis pump sessions in a 24 hr period.

Another use for the pump is prior to mounting oneself into an Extender. One can cause their Glans to be engorged with blood, or obtain a “head swell” (***). This allows ease of fastening, like something that’s big enough to grab on to, and hold, allowing a more secure fastening in.

(***) Younger Extender users may be easily aroused without using a pump. Others with different considerations, like age, Erectile Dysfunction, diabetic neuropathy, etc may find the pump a handy tool.

FAQ #11 – How do I shop for an Extender, considerations.

Extender Shopping Tips

FAQ #12- How quickly can I advance?

Many new users get very eager, aggressive, but their body is not going to co-operate.

For example:

600grams worn for 4 hours yields (600 x 4)=2400 gram-hours

If one tries to speed up accumulating that number,

1200 grams worn for 2 hours yields (1200 x 2)= 2400 gram-hours

These are seen differently by your cells.

Your cells will react differently. You can stretch cells or you can tear cells. You can actually send your penis into extreme turtling. Your Physiological Indicators may go negative. If that happens, it is time to back off and re-invent your plan of attack.

Your penis will need time to adapt to increased pull/grams, and may need only slight changes, to avoid stressing it out.

One rule you may decide to use is if you go 90 days of no increase in BPXL, Bone Pressed eXtended Length, then increase tension. I will point out that because every 5 weeks I do a Power Stretch, also, I do not encounter a “Plateau of no increase” that often.

One variable not addressed in this conversation, is how many hours a day/night you are Penis Extending. This makes “90 days and 5 week” talk vague, void of context. As a user, you are going to have to monitor, judge, evaluate, make changes to the way your Penis Extender is used.

You get that responsibility. If you are attempting to go “too far, too soon, too fast with too much”, your Physiologic Indicators (PI’s) will turn negative. Please research PI’s and use them to your advantage.


Your success will be impacted by them.

May you and your Penis Extender enjoy a fruitful elongated relationship!


  1. Thanks for the information Dangler. I like the advice on wearing an ADS (All Day Stretcher) when its unsafe or inconvenient to wear an extender.

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