Extreme Stamina Training – Part 2

premature ejaculation

premature ejaculationThe following article is Part 2 of the Extreme Stamina Training series. These articles were written by Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com.

As the lead trainer over at meCoach, Big Al has extensive experience helping men reach their male enhancement goals, including improving stamina. He can help you reach your male enhancement goals too!

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“Short Cuts”

Sometimes even under the best scenarios, premature ejaculation occurs. If there’s time and you’re well conditioned it might not take too long for your erection to return (refractory period). If you’re expecting a sexual encounter but suspect you’ll suffer from premature ejaculation, you can also use “short cut” techniques to gain a temporary advantage.

The most popular is to ejaculate shortly before your expected encounter. The second round of sexual contact usually takes longer than the first to induce ejaculation. A similar trick is to ejaculate lightly the first time. By holding back, you’ll be able to recover more quickly for the next round.

bathmate control Tube and box frontOne common complaint among men struggling with their stamina and potency is the application of the condom and use during sexual contact. It’s often commented that this part in itself often causes the penis to deflate. Perhaps the best way to get accustomed to wearing/using condoms is to train with one on. Use the same brand and lubrication (if any) you plan to use during the encounter during training so you’re familiar with what to expect.

EDITOR NOTE: There are also stamina gels/creams that can be used, to help you maintain orgasm control. Be careful though, often these are desensitizing gels that can also affect your partner, and they can be irritating to the sensitive skin on the penis! So, be sure to go with a trusted brand, like Bathmate Control.

High End Stamina

Before we get too far, a distinction needs to be made between stamina with good ejaculatory control and poor control.

It’s possible to be able to maintain a hard erection for duration but lack the ability to ejaculate more or less on command. This can happen in cases of men who have good EQ but ejaculate frequently (especially through frequent masturbation), via side effects from certain medications (reference), and from conditioning via extra long Stop and Start sessions.

Extra long Stop and Starts, ejaculatory control trade off, Stop and Starts for extra size. Conditioning and evolution of routine.

The Stop and Start is considered to be a holistic stamina exercise, and is typically performed for 20-25 minutes after an enlargement session. Performed immediately after enlargement work it takes on the properties of an “enlargement” exercise due to the tissues already having been pre-stretched by previously performed enlargement work. For very advanced trainers, there’s the option of performing the Stop and Start for up to an hour in order to induce maximum size gains. Often, during this extra-long session light jelqs and stretches are performed to further the effect.

This exercise may come the closest to mimicking the effects seen in “megalophallus“. Great care should be take to not allow one’s powers of ejaculatory control to become too affected with the performance of these extra-long routines, though some adjustments should be expected.

Advanced kegel type exercises are recommended once the upper levels of reps are achieved with the standard stamina regimen. One can begin slowly adding more intensity to the contractions of their kegels, or they can move on to the more advanced Super Kegels and Towel Raises combination routine.

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

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