Having Faith in Your Penis and Your Partner

keep calm have faith

keep calm have faithYesterday, we talked a little about small penis syndrome, in our article

Small Penis Syndrome:
Do You Have it? What are the Treatment Options?

One of the things that can help overcome this often debilitating affliction is having faith in your penis and your partner.

Having Faith in Your Penis

We’ve discussed average penis size. And, we’ve talked about the size of the vagina. If your penis is greater than 4 inches in length, when erect. You have to have faith that your penis CAN bring your partner to orgasm, IF she can have vaginal orgasms.

See that big IF in that sentence?

That’s right. Not every woman can orgasm vaginally. In fact, it’s far more likely your partner can orgasm with clitoral stimulation. So, if your partner isn’t orgasming with G-spot stimulation, it’s likely not your penis size at fault. It could be your technique or it could be her. Try stimulating her G-spot with your fingers, to help determine what the true underlying cause is for the non-orgasm.

Having Faith in Your Partner

Now, this is the part men have the most trouble with — having faith in your partner (or future partner, as the case may be).

When it comes to who women decide to date and eventually have sex with, penis size isn’t typically a factor. Think about it for a minute.

Unless you’re a nudist, when you meet a woman, she isn’t going to know if you’re packing a gherkin or an anaconda. Even if you’re wearing a speedo, she doesn’t know if you’re a grower or a shower. So, most women aren’t going to decide whether or not to go on a date with a man, based on his penis size, for the simple fact that we don’t know what that size is.

For women, there are so many more important qualities in a potential mate.

  • Confidence is consistently listed in the female list of attractive qualities.
  • In addition, a sense of humor is usually appreiated.
  • Good listening skills and being able to carry on a conversation are important to most women.
  • Someone kind, caring and considerate is also often listed.
  • As far as physical attributes, those obviously vary, but typically cleanliness and neatness of appearance make their way to the top of many women’s list.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a list of “what women want” that includes – big penis – as a listed quality.

Why is this? Because most women know physical qualities fade with time.

Once in the bedroom, even if you still feel that you’re on the smaller side, your technique can make the most of every inch you do have!  I have said it numerous times on the forum. A larger penis will NOT make you an amazing lover. Read this — Lucky 7 Sex Positions for a Small PenisRemember though, sex isn’t just about vaginal intercourse. You have other body parts you can use to satisfy your partner.

Have faith! And, if you’re simply not happy with your size, first really acknowledge how big you really are, then start penis exercises, to get to the size you really want.

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