Fear is Your Worst Enemy: Ask the Experts

fear and penis enlargement

fear and penis enlargementBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers a question about fear blocking progress in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I measured a minute ago during my edge session…

…I know it is 100% in my head now. My morning wood was rock hard i woke up in the middle of a dream. I have the ability but something is holding me back. Probably a feeling like I need to get a good PE session, is this going well, etc. if we can focus a lot of our efforts on the mental I would appreciate it. I try to clear my mind but it is very hard. Is there anything that has helped your students that also have a hard time with this?

Big Al: You have that fear block.  It’s responsible for more lost progress and misery than you might imagine. In my own experience, and in those of trainees who’ve truly wanted to conquer their fears, you have to make a conscious and firm decision to master your fear.

This will require deep introspection and some time to yourself to work out in your mind WHY you feel these fears and WHY you give it the power you do.  It should be coupled with mental exercises where you mentally push the fear out of your mind when it pops up.  Learning to still your mind with deep breathing and meditation helps as well.  What I’m recommending above isn’t merely a method to grow your penis or tho adapt yourself to master the act of sex (though it helps in those regards)- it’s what you do to master your ego.  When you get to the point to where you’re really making progress- that’s when the confrontation with yourself will occur.  It might even be where you’re at now if you’re experiencing fluctuations between feeling as if you’re past the fear and it creeping backinto your head.

If you feel there’s something very serious holding you back, professional psychological counseling might help you get to the root of those fears and anxiety.

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