The Final Member: Documenting the Hunt for a Human Penis

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When I was a kid, my family was big on road trips. We’d criss-cross the country to see family or go on vacation. And, along the roadway there’d be signs:

See The World’s Largest Ball of Twine! — or

Come See the Two-Headed Calf!

I’ll admit, these things fascinated me, and I often begged, “Can we stop?!”. Yet, despite this longtime fascination with the odd, I have to admit, this new documentary made even me go, “Really?!?!”

In Iceland, the Phallological Museum is on the hunt for it’s crowning glory… a human penis. Now, a penis museum, in and of itself, doesn’t strike me really as odd. Penises are my livelihood. In fact, if I find myself in Iceland someday, you bet I’m going to go check the Phallological Museum out. Who wouldn’t want to see penises from every mammal on the planet? I don’t even think it’s odd that they want to include a human penis in their display.

The head-scratcher are the two men vying to be “the final member” — the donor of the missing human penis, to complete this eccentric collection. Will it be the Icelandic native, the aged Pall Arason, who has contracted to have his penis donated to the museum, upon his death? Or, will it be the American Cowboy, Tom Mitchell, who is willing to donate his penis right now… BEFORE he dies.

Yes, you read that correctly… BEFORE he dies. Mr. Mitchell is willing to have his genitals removed, to secure his spot in the museum.

Check out the trailer, for this quirky, comedic documentary, and let us know what you think!

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