For More than 20 Years Penis Pumps Have Been Medically Proven to Be Effective in Helping Men with Erectile Dysfunction

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For men with erectile dysfunction, the condition can be emotionally devastating. Not being able to maintain a hard enough erection for penetrative sex can negatively impact both their personal and professional lives, as this condition eats away at their self confidence, and even sometimes has them questioning their manhood. However, for more than 2 decades, medical professionals have known how effective penis pumps can be, in helping men with ED have healthy sex lives.

In 1997, Lewis and Witherington published their study review of the use of penis pumps for erectile dysfunction in the World Journal of Urology. 

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The researchers noted some very interesting findings –

  • Vacuum-therapy programs are a consistent long-term option for patients with either chronic or occasional impotence.
  • Very little medical testing is required before the use of penis pumps for ED.
  • Overall clinical success rate was approximately 90%.
  • Penis pumps for ED is especially useful for men who are more difficult to treat with pharmaceuticals, such as those with veno-occlusive disorders or explanted penile prostheses.
  • Other than patients with intermittent priapism or bleeding disorders, there are very few contraindications to the use of penis pumps for erectile dysfunction. This is in stark contract to pharmaceutical treatments.
  • There is a low incidence of side effects of using a penis pump for ED, and these are typically only temporary.
  • A survey of 5,847 penis pump users showed that 83.5% continued to use their penis pump to have sex when desired.
  • Nearly every patient showing impotence of any degree or duration as well as patients who have failed other therapeutic choices are candidates for vacuum therapy, with a penis pump.


Lewis, R.W. & Witherington, R. World J Urol (1997) 15: 78. doi:10.1007/BF01275162

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