Foreskin Restoration: How to Use a TLC Tugger

TLC Tugger has a range of foreskin restoration devices that are not only gentle, but effective. Following are instructions on how to use these devices.

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TLC Tugger DiscountUsing the TLC Tuggers are incredibly simple!

  • Place the tugger piece (white) against your glans
  • Roll some shaft skin up onto the body of the tugger
  • Retain the rolled-up skin with the clear Your-Skin Cone
  • Apply tension to the handle with the included ComforTug™ strap or your choice of weights, extender rig, etc.
  • NO TAPE! NO permanent mods to an extender.

Here’s a great video, showing how quickly and easily the Tuggers go on:

All TLC Tuggers are comfortable All Day Stretchers (ADS). TLC recommends using the 4-Hour Rule to fine-tune the tension with any method. But since PE guys tend to also do sessions with more tension for shorter intervals than restorers do, it often becomes a 2-Hour or even a 20-Minute rule for those PE modes.

TLC Tuggers can even be used with a penis extender:

TLC-X and VLC-X Instructions

The TLC-X and VLC-X allows you to use straps, weights or a traction rig for foreskin restoration.

Step 1: Press the pusher against the glans.

Step 2: Gently force skin up over the body of the TLC-X/VLC-X, while gently pushing the glans back toward the body.

Step 3: Roll skin forward as much as you comfortably can.

Step 4: Use two hands to tighten the TLC-X/VLC-X Collet while depressing the Pushing Rod.

The TLC-X/VLC-X applied with the Pusher extended about 1 cm.

The unit can be strapped to the knee for daytime use.

Or you can wear it with weights.

Ready to start your foreskin restoration?

TLC Tugger Discount

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