France’s Got Talent: Jelqing on National TV?

France Got Talent Brent Ray Fraser - Jelqing on National TVMove over anyone who has ever been on America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent. France has us beat with their version of this televised talent show.

Singers – check.

Dancers – check.

Jelqers… yup! France has it!

Canadian performance artist, Brent Ray Fraser, appeared on this popular multi-national “Got Talent”  – La France a Une Incroyable Talent – show and showed his artistic prowess… by painting with his penis.  If you watch his painting technique, it looks like it could be a new form of jelqing. And, he’s actually quite talented too!

Think about it… you need a last minute gift or just want to spruce up your home and you need to get your penis exercise routine in for the day… BAM! Multi-tasking at its finest!


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