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isagenix weight loss shake

isagenix weight loss shakeThe proof is in the pudding… or the shake LOL… as they say.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you need to give Isagenix a try.

Of course, if you need to lose weight, I also know how frustrating it can be to get your hopes up about a weight loss solution only to find out — either it doesn’t work or it’s just too difficult to implement into your daily life for any serious length of time.

So, I’m looking for 3 members to give Isagenix a try… for FREE!

You’ll get 3 days of meal replacement shakes. All I ask is you do a couple of things –

  1. Weigh yourself the morning before you start – naked or just in underwear.
  2. Replace 2 of your meals each day with the Isagenix shakes. (They mix up with water in any shaker bottle or you can mix them in a blender or nutribullet-type blender if you want, but a shaker bottle is easiest for on-the-go.)
  3. Have two 150-calorie max snacks, if needed, between meals.
  4. Enjoy your third meal to not exceed 600 calories.
  5. Weigh yourself again on the morning after your last day of trial shakes – again naked or just in your underwear.
  6. Report back to me how much weight you lost and your experience!

If you’d like to be considered for this free 3-day trial you can either PM me or reply to this post HERE with how much weight you’d like to lose total and that you’re willing to do the above 6 steps and that you’re OK with me sharing your results (I can do it anonymously, if you’d like) with the forum.

3 members will be chosen randomly to participate.

Just an update – MrKimberly is now at his goal weight!! I’m so proud of him! He went from 183 to 155 in just over 7 weeks! (He’s 5′ 8″, so 183# was getting to be a bit too much for his body frame.)

Now, of course, just like PE, everyone’s experience with Isagenix is unique. That’s one of the reasons I love the product – they aren’t making crazy claims, they just have people share their experiences!

But, MrKimberly’s loss was with a VERY hectic travel schedule – he was literally home 6 days in the month of October! So, even with traveling, he took his shakes and shaker bottle, and kept on the program. (He found he can eat quite a bit of sashimi (his fav travel food) for 600 calories – even enjoy a beer, every now and again. 😀 )

His BMI is now in the normal range. His blood pressure is down back into the normal numbers! We have a follow up with his doctor in December to check his cholesterol and blood sugar, but I’m betting these are going to be improved too! His doctor had HOPED he’d lose 15 pounds, in 3 months. He’s going to be shocked that he’s lost 28! (Or maybe even a few more pounds by then!)

Working out was minimal, due to his travel schedule. I can’t imagine how well he would’ve done if he had had time to get into the gym!

Now his goal is to put on some muscle mass, so he’s switching to the Isagenix Performance line. He likes the convenience of the shakes, especially when he’s really busy with work, and more importantly he says he like how he feels. I can totally second that opinion! I FEEL so much better since we started with Isagenix. I have SO much more energy!

I’m just SO proud of MrKimberly! I love him no matter if he’s 155 or 255 – but, he is so happy with himself, you can see it in his eyes! That pleases my soul! 😀

Anyway — PM me or post to this thread HERE. I’ll take responses until Monday, November 27th.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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