A Look Into the Future of Penis Enlargement Exercises

In the 1920s, Charles Atlas revolutionized the body building industry.

The Foreseeable Future of Penis Enlargement Exercises

A good way to look at the foreseeable future is to compare penis enlargement exercises to other historical growth industries and what happened in the progression of technological innovations.

Although the principle of flight remains unchanged, advancements in aviation have come a long way.
Although the principle of flight remains unchanged, advancements in aviation have come a long way since the Wright Brothers first flight.

Aviation Developments

The aviation industry’s evolution has been dramatic, starting with the Wright Brothers biplane at Kitty Hawk, NC. Do you know how planes fly?

Planes fly based on a pressure differential between the upper surface of the wing and the atmospheric pressure — the Bernoulli Principle. In other words, there is a mild vacuum between the upper part of the wing and the atmosphere creating lift. The forward force propelled by the engines causes the airflow over the wing to be faster on the upper surface of the wing than the lower surface. This reduces pressure and creates a vacuum on the upper surface of the wing, allowing the plan to be buoyed so it can fly.

Over the years, airplanes have dramatically advanced in speed, safety and ability to fly at higher altitudes. What has driven this development? These advancements were the result of a demand by the population to get to places faster and with greater ease. Bernoulli’s principle is still the same.  This principle of lift is true of biplanes, jet planes and rocket propulsion, while in the atmosphere, yet today’s aircraft are significantly more advanced than they were just a few short generations ago. Why?

There is an inherent demand in human nature to progress to greater and greater levels of achievement across the board. This same demand is present in the penis exercising industry. Although we have tools and products that work, it’s human nature to desire advancements for even better products to get results faster and easier. This applies to penis enlargement exercises as well.

In the 1920s, Charles Atlas revolutionized the body building industry.
In the 1920s, Charles Atlas revolutionized the body building industry.

The Bodybuilding Industry

Let’s look at the bodybuilding industry, which is closely comparable in the penis enlargement exercising industry. Penis exercise is, in fact, bodybuilding!

Many years ago, a gentleman by the name of Charles Atlas developed from a “97-pound weakling” into a very well-built, muscular individual, based on his formulation of a concept called “dynamic tension.” While at a zoo one day, he observed the lions stretching and toning their muscles. He reasoned that lions are very strong, and perhaps there may be a something to be learned by this observation. He designed a method by which one muscle group could be pushed/pulled against another, to stimulate growth and strength.

This worked, and his course became revolutionary. It was one of the first innovative courses in bodybuilding!  It did not use mechanical methods to build muscle, simply manual methods. Does this sound familiar? Think about the similarities between Atlas’s routine and the manual methods of penis enlargement exercises, like jelqing.

Anyone who is aware of the body bodybuilding industry knows much has happened since Charles Atlas. Essentially, bodybuilding started out with manual methods, barbells and dumbbells, which progressed into simple weightlifting machines. This then progressed into the Nautilus  and on to the modern-day equipment found in gym’s and  health clubs around the world today. Bodybuilding has come a long way, in terms of the techniques and equipment used. This has greatly impacted the bodybuilder. Bodybuilders of today are dramatically larger and stronger than those decades ago, thanks to these improvements. The same is true of the penis enlargement exercise industry.

The Penis Enlargement Exercise Industry

The penis exercise industry is comparable, in many respects, to the bodybuilding industry, because it is in fact a form of bodybuilding for penis enlargement. As a scientist, I perceive basically a similar progression from manual to incrementally more sophisticated mechanical equipment that will essentially result in greater increases and enhancement in sexual prowess.

The Chartham Penis Pump was simple, safe and effective.
The Chartham Penis Pump was simple, safe and effective.

We first started with what was called the Chartham Method, consisting of a basic bulb vacuum and jelqing routine. Although simplistic, it worked well and would yield predicable gains. Then manual and electric vacuum pumps became available, which was of some help.  The knowledge of effective use of pumps, at that time, was limited. The principle of edema was not fully comprehended as a negative. Nevertheless, these vacuum pumps were an advancement for penis exercising.

In the late 1990s, a Scandinavian scientist by the name of Jes Bec Mueller came up with the brilliant invention of that day called — Jes Extender, designed for penis enlargement exercise. This ushered in the plethora of penis extender devices. For its day, it was a great innovation and reasonably convenient to use. Hourly loosening of the noose grip was necessary for circulation during penis enlargement exercises; other than this, the device was a stroke of genius for the time.

Big Al's
Big Al established the idea of coaching PE in the late 1990s.

Also in the late 1990s, a gentleman affectionately known as “Big Al” established the idea of coaching penis enlargement exercises. His extensive knowledge of bodybuilding enabled him to formulate original ideas and methods of effective PE. He is a pioneer in Internet website presentation of all known aspects of manual penis exercising. Without Big Al, the concept of coaching and teaching to enable the student might not exist today.

Around the year 2000, another major breakthrough in mechanical devices came about, for penis enlargement exercises. This breakthrough was made by a persistent gentleman who, through self experimentation, gained from 6 inches to 10 ½ inches in length and 5 inches to 6 ½ inches in girth, over several years. It worked so well for him, he developed the Bib Hanger/Starter/Hardcore, a truly remarkable device with open-ended traction capability.

The progression of technology in bodybuilding, and hence penis enlargement exercises, strongly suggests  the best of all worlds is to combine the manual and mechanical, for optimal results. It is not an either/or situation. The best results come from combinations, of this I am certain as a scientist.

I foresee continued innovations in the mechanical advancement of penis enlargement exercises, similar to  the body building progression of dynamic tension, free weights, Nautilus by Arthur Jones on to current day high-tech equipment found in gyms and fitness center. I see different designs utilizing traction technology and allowing greater comfort, higher traction and longer wearing times.

We, at Your Penis Doctor, MeCoach, and PE Gym, do not rest on our laurels.  The newest technology for penis enlargement exercises is our LG Hanger.

LG stands for length/girth. It  offers substantial traction, comfort, and longer wearing time per set. This device, after testing, should be available in the relatively near future and can be used in conjunction with penis pumps and/or manual exercise. The LG Hanger complements vacuum pumps and is the most technologically advanced hanger to date.

This cutting-edge concept offers a combination that will potentially  induce growth of the penis greater than has yet been seen! Remember the analogy of bodybuilders of yesteryear versus today? I anticipate the progress will be similar to that!

Going further into the future of penis enlargement exercises, motion engineers also will be employed to construct devices that will have computerized, differential protocols of  automated motion and traction. This will provide optimal growth patterns and will be energy-efficient on the individual. We are, in fact, studying and testing  these cutting-edge methods with machinists and motion engineers right now. By having engineers and machinist working cooperatively together with scientists in these endeavors, we are  limited only by our imagination.  I believe the sky’s the limit, or more appropriately, the stars are the limit. Science and technology marches forward and will wait for no man — especially for penis enlargement exercises. One can participate in progressive innovations or be  left behind.

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    • I have a list of all interested parties from this source or my emails, you will be contacted upon the LG Hanger’s commercial availability in and around June. Thank you for your interest, for those of you who have not sent me emails, the email address is drrichardhoward@aol.com and you will be placed on an alert file when LG Hanger is available.

  1. Dr. Ric,

    Is there anyway to be personally notified when this device is ready? Or is checking this post the only way to find out when it will be available?

  2. Thank you for applying to beta test the LG Hanger, the beta test is closed to new applicants. The results to date have been beyond my greatest expectations; the commercialization of the LG Hanger in the near future will propel the science of PE exponentially forward. I will provide notification when this extraordinary equipment is commercially available.

  3. All of your emails have been received, thank you for your interest in the phenomenal LG Hanger. This next generation equipment’s capability is open ended per continuous wearing time, convenience, comfort, traction and hence multi inch gains based on my testing thus far.

  4. Would like to also be a test subject on the LG hanger. There have never been much testing done on Caribbean men with these things, I think it would add body to the research. Would be willing to cover cost of parts,labour n shipping

  5. Don’t get me wrong – I believe that extenders do in fact work. I just have to look between my legs to find proof. Being Danish I just couldn’t resist on sharing my knowledge about Siana. In Denmark everybody knows about him through the media. Thank you for an interesting article 🙂

  6. TheJES Extender was not invented by Danamedic CEO Jes Bech Mueller. It was in fact invented by Danish plastic surgeon Jorn Ege Siana (JES) -who has a long track record of surgical experimentation.

    Jes Bech Mueller bought the concept from Jorn Ege Siana, and took it to market. A great number of commercial extenders are made by DanaMedic. They are marketed and sold in different brands – each one with a differentiated marketing strategy. Two examples is the JES Extender and the Size Genetics Extender – basically the same product. Male Edge is also a DanaMedic product.

    Personally I have gained using an extender – even though it was the brainchild of Siana.

    • Mr. Green, thank you so much for your comment! I’m forwarding it to Dr. Ric. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring PEGym.com has the most complete and accurate information possible for our members.

    • I can not confirm the politics of the Jes Extender assirted by “Mr. Green” nor at that time was I interested in such. Never-the-less thank you for sharing your detailed view of the aspects of the personalities involved with the extenders.

      My experience at that time was to find the best product of its day through purchase and testing. The Jes Extender came to market first, I purchased it and tested it and gained 5/8 inch in 5 months. I also requested, as a scientist, research data on this product from Mr. Muller to which he generously responded by mail with the data. He was synonymous with this invention bearing his name. After testing and reading the data I came to the conclusion that it was a well though out idea for its day, though you must loosen the loop hourly for circulation to the glans.

      Some time later the “doctor” came on the seen with his extender version which I bought also to test. The rubber belt design which differed from the loop design did not work well at all, as it pinched the skin and did not have good gripping capability. My conclusion was that it was far inferior to the JES Extender. Since that time the market has been flooded with extenders of all types.

      My interest is only on the scientific efficacy of the product; the personalities, rivalries and politics between individuals are not relevant to scientific product testing.

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