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UjjayiWe have lots of amazing members that work hard, behind the scenes, to help make PEGym’s forums safe and fun! These Moderators and Admins are the lifeblood of PEGym. We thought it would be nice, if we had a “getting to know you” type series with each of them, so all of our members can meet our mods and admins.

Our eleventh interview in this series is with — Ujjayi! Ujjayi is one of our awesome Mods! If you haven’t checked out his – Ujjayi’s Question(s) of The Day thread, you’re missing out!

What goals initially led you to

Ujjayi – When I reached my 40’s, my morning erections were suffering plus the embarrassment of my wife telling me that I wasn’t erect enough during the times of our love-making. She became frustrated.

What positive effects of PE have you seen, in your life, over the years? 

Ujjayi Hard (pun intended) to believe that I have been at this now for over a year and some change…however the proof is in the numbers. I went from 15cm to 17cm in a year. I no longer hear from my wife that I am too soft. She occasionally makes comments on how large I am now.

What manual male enhancement exercises have you done? Which are your favorite and why?

Ujjayi – I have used anywhere from stretching to jelqing to Big Al’s Squeeze techniques. I would say my favorites right now are the tension stretch and the squeeze.

Have you used any PE devices? If so, which ones have you used, and which are your favorites and why? 

Ujjayi I briefly used a biker’s hanger yet I couldn’t get enough weight to feel a difference. 

Do you do any non-PE exercise? If so, what? 

Ujjayi I do mobility exercises and yoga because flexibility is king especially at my level. 

What advice would you give to guys new to PE? 

Ujjayi Patience, patience, patience. As my Dad says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” You need to allow your body to adjust and grow will happen. The other advice is safety. Do a little at a time…the compound effect in PE is as true as in math

Give us one fun fact members don’t likely know about you. 

Ujjayi I sing in a choir. 

Any other comments? 

Ujjayi Enjoy the journey of PE and see the journey as a lifestyle. You will have many twists and turns along the way yet if you are consistent doing the right things, you will reap huge (pun intended again ) rewards.


Thank you, Ujjayi, for your interview and all you do for PEGym!!! Now I want to hear you sing!!!


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