Guidelines for Getting Started with Basic and Advanced Male Enhancement Training – Part 1

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Male-enhancement-exercisesThis article is the first of a 3 part series. If you’d like personal, one-on-one male enhancement coaching, please visit us at

The following is meant for trainees looking for guidance for beginner and early advanced male enhancement training. The routines provided assume the trainee in question isn’t suffering from any injuries, erection dysfunction or low erection quality. It’s recommended that those types of issues be taken care of before embarking on a full male enhancement routine.

The First Six Weeks

The first six weeks of training consists of a “boot camp” style routine designed to maximize conditioning. Not only is it a time to familiarize yourself with manual training, but it’s also designed to strengthen the penis and to take your EQ to even higher levels for greater recovery and for maximum blood flow and tissue expansion:

The Basic Training Penis Enlargement Male Enhancement, and Stamina Routine:

Please click on the following link and review the Basic Training Penis Enlargement and Stamina Routine material we have in our forums. After this phase, a one-week rest break should be taken to ensure full recuperation and growth. The next six-week phase consists of specific “isolation” movements that target specific aspects of training:

The Advanced “Jelq Free” Routine

Next, please click on the following link and review the The Advanced “Jelq Free” Routine. Each section above has detailed descriptions on how to get started.

Keep a Journal of Your Training

For your own purposes, a detailed journal should be kept of your training. The following details should be recorded for each session:

  • ­Erection Quality
  • The specific exercises performed
  • Specific reps and/or timing of each exercise
  • Notes on developments, the feel of new movements, sorenesses, injuries, and anything that you think could better serve to describe that particular session

While not “mandatory”, the following should be mentioned as a supplement to your other stats and details:

  • ­SC (“Sexual Confidence”)
  • Libido

Length and girth measurements should be taken once every two weeks, and all measurements should be conducted under similar conditions. The exception to this is the measurement taken after the layoff week. That last measure gives the total “net gains” for the completed training cycle.

Stayed tuned for the next article in this series where we’ll focus on “Important Notes and Details to Watch For”.

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