Penis Hanger Attachment in Depth

Penis Hanger Attachment in Depth

This segment of our penis hanging guide is a supplement to the previous article on penis hanging devices and gives the reader all “final steps” to proper penis hanger attachment, as well as discusses some troubleshooting issues if the hanger attachment is improperly worn, and how to resolve such dilemmas safely.

Penis Hanger Attachment in Depth

Push Your Penis to the Bottom of the Shaft

Make sure to push your penis to the bottom of the shaft in your penis hanger. Keeping your shaft at the bottom of the shaft-well and medium to wide hex nut settings can help prevent hanger twisting. You can pull on your glans and stretch things out to make sure you’re attaching the hanger 1.25” behind your coronal ridge, and to make sure the hanger attachment will stay behind your glans.

I do twist in my hanger sometimes, and I find that more than 45 degree angles can cause pain in my urethra. Do your best to keep your shaft straight, although for guys with a slight twist in their penis, this will be difficult during at least your first few months. Don’t jam your penis right against the bottom of the shaft-well; this can cause a bruise, but do make sure the hanger attachment is set at the bottom.

The reason is, you don’t want the top of the hanger pressing on your dorsal nerve that runs along the top of your penis shaft. This is also why the Bib, Muzzle, and Captn’s Wench hangers are all designed to grip the sides of your left and right erectile chambers to reduce pressure on your dorsal nerve and allow you to hang more penis weight and create more deformation, creep, etc.

Depending on your girth and comfort needs you’ll have to find a balance between the thickness of your wrap and the width of the hanger.

Hanger Attachment: Empty Glans Squeeze

Before I tighten the hanger I squeeze most of the blood out of my glans. This is an important step with the your penis hanger attachment because after the hanger is tight, my glans still become plump with blood during the set. Squeezing out the blood just helps balance things out. This also prevents burst blood vessels, bruising and discoloration.

Pulse Push with Hanger Attachment

Is everything in place? Tighten your hanger, then do a pulse-push and make sure it’s not slipping. Sometimes I’ve found that new Thera-Band, hex nut adjustments, or re-wrapping can prevent slippage.

Of course if you’re slipping, you’ll have to make adjustments. Sometimes I have trouble getting old Thera-Band to stop slipping. The only solution I have found is to clean Thera-Band and put a little baby powder on it. This has often allowed me to keep re-using Thera-Band.

Hanger Attachment: The Tightening

With a Bib hanger the teeth across the top should nearly mesh, but never completely mesh. This is because you’ll need to progressively tighten your hanger during the set. As the set goes on, more blood will flow out of your shaft making the hanger loose. Make sure not to over-tighten your hanger though, this can cause circulation issues.

As you move into higher penis weights, you’ll need to keep making the hanger attachment tighter and tighter (in my experience). Make sure to give yourself time to keep adapting to the new increased stresses this will create.

Cold, Blue, or Purplish Glans

If your glans are turning purple, you may have forgotten to squeeze the blood out of your glans before you tightened the hanger. You might also be suffering from the noose effect with the hanger attachment (see above on how to correct this).

If your glans turn blue, this is also due to circulation being cut off. Never hang longer than 20 minutes, or this could result in tissue death (oxygen deprivation in your penis). Cold glans also implies circulation issues. Any of these issues implies potential problems with either your hanger attachment or wrap technique.

Skin Stretching: 2 Weeks

With penis hanging in generally, especially between the cheeks (BTC), you’re going to experience some severe skin stretching from the hanger attachment. Expect to spend about two weeks working on skin stretching. The skin stretch feels like a mild burning sensation, and it’s distinctly different from the feeling you’ll get when pulling on the internal structures of your penis.

Hanger Attachment Point Adjustment: 3 Weeks

Expect at least 3 weeks to adapt to the hanger attachment “point stresses” of your hanger. Traditional hangers create a lot of sheer forces on your penis which you will not be accustomed to, even if you’re experienced with Penile Enlargement (PE). Be patient, this takes time.

If you’re VAC vacuum hanging, you’ll go through a similar hanger attachment period. Expect fluid buildup and other issues early on with VAC hangers. Now that you’ve learned how to properly attach your penis hanging device, you’re ready for your first hanging routine.


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