Hanging Angle: Directional Penis Hanging

This hanging guide portion explores the need for hanging weights in multiple directions for penis enlargement. Use various angles to achieve maximum gains with penis weight hanging.

Hanging Angle, Directional Penis Hanging


Hanging weight from your penis for more length gains needs to be done with an educated, intelligent approach. Being consistent and organized is critical to your success.

Knowing what hanging angle to hang from is equally critical. If you simply choose random hanging angles each time you penis hang, you may never create the micro-tears, creep, and deformation required to permanently lengthen the tissues in your penis.


The shotgun approach- using many hanging angles or being inconsistent- is a recipe for failure. Our body is resilient; by nature the body heals and attempts to return to previous equilibrium point. Normally, stretched ligaments, tunica and other internal structures of our penis will mostly retract, healing back in the original shorter state.

To throw things out of balance and create a permanent change, you’ll need to focus on one set of target tissues at a time. This concept of a particular hanging angle is called the “hanging angle of attack”. By focusing on one set of target tissues at a time, we are using the principle of “Divide and Conquer”.

While it might be impossible to deform all the tissues in our penis at once, it is very possible to make a physiological change when we focus on one single area and continually deform it. Thus it does not allow it to heal back in its original shorter state. Eventually this results in a permanently longer penis in both flaccid and erect length gains.


If your penis naturally exits your body straight down (6 O’Clock) you may not have much potential for gains at low hanging angles. If this is your physiology, you can still try penis hanging from lower hanging angles for a period of time. However, if you find you’re not gaining much, you should consider moving on to penis tunica work.

If your penis naturally exits your body straight out (9 O’Clock), or any angle above 6 O’Clock, then you’ll benefit the most from using the straight down (SD). You also benefit from between the cheeks BTC) hanging angles. Straight down normally refers to hanging the penis weight straight down between your legs. BTC means you shift your hips forward until your penis literally points between your butt cheeks.

The suspensory ligaments are much easier to deform than the Tunica. They can also become a limiting factor if they are not stretched to their full extent. This is why hangers should always start with low angles. Don’t move on to Tunica work until their penis points straight down.


At times you may be too sore to penis hang from your primary angle. When penis hanging you should always have a secondary angle of attack that you revert to if you can no longer hang at your primary angle due to pain, soreness, etc.

If you’re hanging more than 12 sets (4 hours) per day, you will need to target a second angle. Anecdotal evidence suggests more than 4 hours per day hanging routine at the same angle has massive diminishing returns.


Effectively, you should hang at lower angles until your entire package shifts to the lowest possible angle and your penis naturally hangs straight down. Once you reach this point, you have most likely maximized your suspensory ligament stretch gains. At this point, just maintenance work is required to maintain your ligament stretch gains and you can move on to penis tunica work.

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