Hanging Routine and Improving Erection Quality: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers a question about improving sex drive, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q: I’ve been hearing about the 3×20 hanging routine….

I want to try it out so how would I get started?

Big Al:  You’d start with a weight you can hang comfortably for 3 sets of 10 minutes (3×10).  You’d add one minute per set each session until you get to 3×20- then you’d raise the weight by ~10%, back the time down to 3×20, then repeat the process.  Start with about 2 lbs.  Expect to use the first couple of sessions getting used to the device and figuring out how much padding you’ll need to make from the sock to hang comfortably.  Apply the device ONLY as tight as it needs to be to stay on comfortably.

Your rest breaks between sets should be relatively short- no more than 5 minutes each.  During this time you can inspect your penis for any signs of pinching from the device, massage blood into tt to make sure you’re getting proper circulation and even perform some erect kegels to maximize efficiency and add a push/pull element to your training.

Q. I can last long during intercourse so I guess i have the stamina part. However my EQ still requires more work at this point…

…I have had intercourse for hours last week, but still needs more EQ even though I have stamina

Big Al: If you’re sexually active While maintaining a full erection for 1+ hours per week you can forgo the MANUAL Stop and Starts, but you should be attempting the techniques of the Stop and Starts during sexual contact to improve your conditioning and control.  If you’re very sexually active (3+ hours per week) you can also forgo the erect kegels. Note that extreme levels of sexual activity may require you take more rest days to ensure recuperation.

Better EQ is extremely important for the purposes of enlargement too.  Even if your sexual capacity is satisfactory you’ll still need to constantly push the envelope on EQ in order to A) maintain EQ commensurate with your size increases, and B) maximize your potential for size gains.

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