Harvard Marching Band Spells “PENIS” – Oops!

My daughter is in marching band — she’s in color guard (what I lovingly call – “flag flipping”). I know for a fact the insane amount of hours they spend getting a routine ready for a performance. Every step is carefully choreographed.

So.. what the heck happened with Harvard???

During Harvard’s home game against University of Pennsylvania, the marching band came up with this formation at half-time…


Yup — that spells PENIS.


Of course, I’m betting this misspelling wasn’t a mistake (these kids DO go to Harvard; you’d think they could spell) — and it is kind of funny. Maybe the Crimson was trying to shake up those stuffy Quakers with a little risque word play!

No worries – University of Pennsylvania had the last laugh winning 35-25.

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