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performance anxiety

performance anxietyBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about the “healing in an extended state” theory, performance anxiety, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. What do you think of the ‘Healing in an extended state’ theory,…

… where you use an extender on light tension after your workout to “help cement the new length breakdown,” or using light traction wrapping for the same effect? Or for girth, using a penis ring after a workout to heal in an expanded state.

Big Al: The theories behind how the penis grows are still being studied, so some of what I mention here is conjecture.  The penis is often compared to muscle tissue, but it would rightly be better compared to the fascia that surrounds muscle tissue.  Ligaments that connect muscles to a bone are essentially like the ones found anchoring the penis to the pubis.  That being said, there are two extremes of training- one involves brief but intense burst of activity, while the other involves high volume but low intensity.  In my experience, the brief and intense training would require full rest after a session, whereas the high volume/low intensity work can allow for employing methods of traction. 

Of course, one should experiment with their own training to see how they react to certain things, but the above seems to be the trends I’ve observed. Regardless of the methods used, some form of rest should be allowed for full recuperation and overcompensation (growth). Using a ring after girth training can be beneficial, but it should be done carefully and in a limited fashion.  You do NOT want to become dependent on a device for training or even for function, and if a girth workout is particularly intense you might just want to allow your penis to rest.

Q: My biggest issue is social anxiety…

…I’ve been resisting my situation and having feelings of self loathing, and worthlessness. This is because I can get irrationally fearful when hearing people laughing in public, in the middle of a drawn out conversation, etc. I am working on this everyday accepting I did not choose this temporary condition, but I’m the only one who can make myself better. I moved away from home so I can be around people with the condition who will be supportive, and so I could attend a group therapy. Research has shown group therapy is the best way to treat social anxiety so I’m doing what I can, but it’ll take a lot of time and effort to completely get over it.

Big Al: I don’t preempt discussing these topics with clients for several reasons – they are painful to bring up, they are of a sensitive nature, and most men don’t even discuss these matters with a doctor, due to feelings of shame.  The fact you have admitted there is an issue means you have the honesty and courage to assess the situation, you are humble enough to admit to it, AND you have the desire to change it!

As far as performance anxiety goes, in my opinion your following a “stamina only” routine would be the best thing for you training-wise.  You’ll have to make a concerted effort to focus on the mental/emotional aspect of this type of training- especially concerning the “Stop and Start” movement.  Imagine not just knowing you’re potent, but having enough confidence in yourself so even the potential for failure doesn’t cause you anxiety. When you can get to that point, the effects on your psyche will be transformative!

It would also help if you made wise choices concerning sexual partners.  If you get involved with someone who does not have your best emotional interests at heart, then this might cause a conflict, should you suffer a bout of performance anxiety during a sexual encounter.

Q1. Is beginning size completely irrelevant…

…to one’s potential for growth?

Big Al: I wouldn’t say completely irrelevant – a man starting at 9 inches in length should not, all other things being equal, have nearly as hard a time getting to 10 inches as a man starting at 5 inches in length.

Q2. I was a bit skeptical because since the organ is determined by genetics…

…I didn’t think much change can be done to it, for example it’s not possible to expand our limb size. But then again, I guess that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Anyway, it’s good to hear these
exercises are out there for men wishing to enhance themselves. I will be happy even with 1-inch increase.

Big Al: The penis isn’t a thumb or a finger, though that comparison has been used by those attempting to discredit PE.  The penis is, by its very nature, an organ designed to expand prodigiously.  All these exercises do is coax a minute bit of expansion each time you train, so you eventually end up with greater size.  Couple this with exercises to strengthen the penis itself and improve its vascular capabilities, and you have a larger, healthier penis.

By the way, limbs CAN be lengthened- you can read a PEGym discussion on this specific topic here:https://www.pegym.com/forums/pe-theory-science-forum/25453-limb-lengthening-procedures-support-pe-effectiveness.html

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