HEX – A Revolutionary Change to Condoms?

LELO HEX condoms
LELO HEX condoms
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The beginning of the history of condoms is debatable. Some believe ancient civilizations used loin cloths as condoms. Others believe condom usage began in the 15th century, in China and Japan. However, the first uncontested usage of condoms was detailed by Gabriele Falloppio in De Morbo Gallico – “The French Disease”.  In this publication about syphilis, Falloppio describes using sheaths of linen, soaked in chemicals and dried, fastened around the glans of the penis with a ribbon, as a means of preventing the spread of this then-fatal disease.

Since that time, condoms evolved to full shaft coverage and improved materials – including now most commonly latex. However, the concept has been the same – a tubular material – with little innovation.

LELO HEX condoms are changing it up, using a hexagonal design in the material to create a strong, thin and highly sensitive condom like nothing else on the market. This honeycomb structure is nature’s way of delivering strength, while being lightweight. (PLUS, scroll down for the HEX Respect XL if you need larger sized condoms!)

HEX™ Condoms | The World’s Best New Condom by LELO

Each HEX condom is made up of 350 interconnected hexagons. This super-thin (0.045mm thin!) condom allows body heat to be transmitted between partners, increasing sensitivity and heightening sexual experience.

The HEX condom is perfectly smooth on the outside and textured on the inside, with the web-like structure, for increased male pleasure. Have the strongest orgasm of your life, while wearing a condom! HEX stretches and conforms to a wide variety of penis shapes and sizes.

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LELO HEX condoms

Give HEX a try and find out for yourself why media outlets around the world are calling the HEX condom one of the most important advances in condom technology for decades.

  • Natural latex condom
  • 0.045mm thin
  • 54mm diameter
  • Length: 180mm
  • Lightly lubricated
LELO HEX condoms
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HEX Respect XL

hex respect xl large penis condomsIf you’re a member of PEGym and been diligently working on making your manhood bigger – HEX has you covered! The HEX Respect XL is designed specifically for men with larger penises!

Same Technology – Same Protection – Same Amazing Feel – BUT BIGGER

  • 10% larger condom in every dimension than HEX Original for a more comfortable fit.
  • Re-engineered latex structure combining thinness and strength.
  • Ultra-thin panels help transfer body heat for more intimate sensations.
  • Textured on the inside to reduce slippage and improve grip during sex.
  • Lightly lubricated with a neutralized latex scent.

Here are the specifications for the HEX Respect XL:

  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Thickness: 0.045mm
  • Diameter: 58mm (4mm wider)
  • Length: 195mm (15mm longer)

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  1. Latex sucks. There is self lubricating latex coating to look out for in two years. The Hydroglyde Coatings condoms. But what I am really interested is the hydrogel condoms that supposedly feel like lubricated skin. They are from Geldom condoms which is being researched in Australia from a team at the University of Wollongong.

    • Hey Ujjayi – latex is used because it protects you against both unwanted pregnancy AND STDs. Sadly, lambskin condoms do not have disease protection – which a lot of guys don’t know. The design of HEX though does allow for that transfer of body heat, like a lambskin condom – which is pretty cool! Of course, if you or your partner have a latex sensitivity, then that’s neither here nor there. 😉 But, if not – give these a try!

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