How to Avoid Injury When Doing Penis Exercises


penis injuryLike any other workout out routine, penis exercises do have a potential for injury. This article discusses some tips to help you avoid injury when doing penis exercises.

Warm Up

One of the most common reasons for penile injury during male enhancement exercises is due to the fact the man didn’t take time to warm up properly. I know we’re all busy and don’t have a lot of time as it is; however, warming up will ensure your penis tissues are ready to be exercises. This will not only help you prevent injury, but also maximize your male enhancement results!  Read more about how to warm up before penis exercises here — Penis Warm Ups: Heating Up Before Working Out.

Progress Slowly

We are a fast-food, on demand type of society. If we want something, we want it now! That’s true when we decide we want to change something about our body. We don’t want to wait months to see results – we want results NOW! For this reason, it may be tempting to do more than your body is really ready for. Whether it’s the number of jelqs, weight you are hanging, or some other component, of your routine, it’s better to start off small and increase slowly.

Don’t be Overzealous

This sort of falls in the “progress slowly” tip. Although I know you’re excited about getting results, don’t be overzealous and do more than you should. This is especially true when getting a penis pump. You’re super-excited to try it, and then see how big your penis gets after just one pumping session, and you might be tempted to overdo it. Don’t!  Overexpansion can lead to injury.

Listen to Your Body

If your body is telling you it’s had enough – listen! You should never experience pain when exercising. This includes all exercises and penis devices. If you’re feeling pain – STOP!! You are either doing the exercise incorrectly, or with too much force/weight/pressure, etc.. If you see any symptoms of penis injury – bruising, lesions, broken blood vessels – STOP!! Allow your body to completely heal before resuming your routine. If the symptom is serious – see a medical professional.

Learn What You’re Doing

I can strap a pair of skis on someone who doesn’t know how to ski, then give them a shove down the slope, and chances are they’re going to at least take a tumble, if not get seriously hurt.  Wouldn’t it be better to know how to do things first before you are hurled down the mountain? Things like how to turn… and how to stop?

The same is true about male enhancement exercises. Doing exercises properly is critical to doing them safely. We have a lot of great info here on PEGym on how to do some of the most popular exercises correctly, including a series of instructional videos here — Penis Exercise Video Guide. We also have a comprehensive book on penis exercises, which not only give full instructions, plus several different routines for every skill level — Penis Exercises: A Healthy Guide to Enlargement Enhancement, Hardness, and Health.


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