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Hanging weights from the penis, isn’t a new idea. For years, men have been successfully using weights as part of their penis enlargement routine. The LG Hanger has taken penis hanging to the next level, with safety, comfort and effectiveness. I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Richard Howard, one of the developers of the LG Hanger and founder of, about how this innovative penis enlargement device came about.

Let’s hear from Dr. Howard directly, about the story of LG Hanger’s beginnings….

The Universe of PE Equipment

PE devicesFor the sake of this discussion I will categorize the universe of PE equipment rather than refer to them by their specific name for various reasons. The first category would be “clamp type hangers”, consisting of; Bib Hanger, the male hanger, and the captain’s wrench which are capable of traction up to 25+ pounds.

The next category would be extenders such as The Jes Extender, and a multiplicity of other hangers that are very similar which are characterized either by two iron rods on spring that loops around the shaft of the penis, or the Phallosian which is the same principle except it uses an elastic waistband connected to a rubber sheath on the glans; for all practical purposes these are the extender class and they can generate roughly 4 to 5 pounds of force on the penis. The next class would be “pumps” consisting of standard manual pump, electric pump, Bathmate, and computer pump.

Traction with Sufficient Force is Essential for Penis Enlargement

LG HangerFor years, I had experience with the Hanger class device as I knew intuitively and scientifically, at that time, that traction with sufficient force is essential for penis enlargement. This was around the year 2001 when “Bigger” first invented the Bib Hanger. 

The penis is very tough to enlarge and requires substantial traction forces to induce reliable enlargement. There’s beginners protocol of instructions to ensure safety as one progress in weight and time.  Bib known as ” Bigger” suggested the sweet spot of traction is between 10 and 25 pounds, to which I concur.

From the use of the Bib Hanger, I gained 3 inches, irrefutably confirming my scientific hypothesis about the intensity of traction force being strongly correlated or proportional to penile gains. Over time I worked up from 2 ½ pounds to 27 pounds. My main gains occurred between eight and 27 pounds. Collagen is the structural framework of the penis shaft, which is attached to collagen ligaments, and a muscular base of striated muscles. The limiting factor in penis enlargement is the collagen structural framework; you must incrementally cause a molecular change at the febrile level by pulling them apart a few at a time with sufficient weight to induce a progressive lengthening in the direction of the traction analogous to hypertrophy and hyperplasia, though in this case we’re dealing with fibers. The internal components such as vascular and neurological will follow along for the ride, they are not limiting factors. The muscular base is also strengthened by the weighted traction in like manner to your bicep through weightlifting.

YPD Students Were the Motivation and Inspiration

 your penis doctorThe motivation and inspiration  to update to a new class hanger began early on during my work with students through YPD counseling. Many of my students were not comfortable with the Hanger even though it has had a reliable history of success.

This device is a clamping device with a higher learning curve and risk. For a long time I pondered this problem, and spoke with the head of PE Gym on the subject a number of times expressing my hopes. Furthermore, a pattern developed in that I was not able to induce substantial results in those who would not use this traction device. Finally the idea crystallized through my imagination giving birth to the concept of the LG Hanger.

To Market

LG Hanger LogoI proceeded to build a homemade version that worked fairly well, and intuitively knew that would be a marvelous device going forward. Unfortunately I was sad because I had no way of mass customized production. Not long after that point, a series of circumstances brought the manufacturer/ co inventor and I together.  We had instant rapport, and I honestly did not know what he was working on at that time. It turns out that we both had the same idea, although his LG Hanger was far better constructed as he is a master machinist for some 30 plus years. At that point the LG became a reality.


Dr. Howard’s years of experience in the penis enlargement world combined with listening to the needs of his students at resulted in one of the most innovative products to come out for penis enlargement in a very long time! Give the LG Hanger a try and for more personalized help, check out, to get one-on-one training with Dr. Howard.

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