How Long Did it Take To Reach Your First 1/2-Inch in Penis Enlargement

penis enlargement success

penis enlargement successWe have a lot of success stories on the PEGym Forums. One of my favorite threads is the “How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch?” thread.


Because it really demonstrates how different people are – plus has the added benefit of being motivating for guys just starting their penis enlargement journey.

Win – Win!

Let’s take a look at some of the newest replies from members.

I have been silently working here for almost 2 years. And I went from 6.75 to a little over 8. I experiment randomly with several different methods that are popular here to try to make muscle confusion sort of like sprinting and walking sprinting and walking sprinting and walking. Up from 5.5 girth to 6 girth. It’s not a fast process it’s going to take a while and commitment from anyone. So either way that you think about it you just have to keep pushing forward and you will eventually reach your goal. Basically what I am saying is it is not a Sprint, it is a marathon. The more time you put into it the more results you will get. ~ GapWedge


First half inch took me over 6 months, but that’s because I wasn’t doing it right. After registering here 10 months ago, I’ve gained just over an inch in erect length (total gain 1.6 inches so far) and a full inch in girth. As always, truly appreciate the encouragement and support from some of the regulars here. ~ paardarshie


It took me about 3-4 months… I change up the routine a bit to try and “Confuse” the muscles… I use the extender pro for about 4 hrs a day, jelq for 5-10 mins and hand 3 times a week with a sock hanger with 10 lbs for 10 mins for 3 sets when I have time… I also do some basic stretching.. Warm up is for 5 mins with a heat pack ~ hm42


After consulting my logs (no pun intended), I can see that I gained my first 1/2-inch of length in about 5 months. The specifics of my routine changed frequently in the early months, based on my response to the exercises as I tried to find my “goldilocks zone” for intensity. However, I think the exercises that contributed the most towards my gains were simple stretching and jelqing, and to a lesser extent edging with some ulis thrown in. I’ve never used any PE devices, so I can’t vouch for them personally. Based on the reading I’ve done, I’m sure they have merit if properly used, I just haven’t bothered with them. ~ Sequoia Tree


2 months for first 1/2 inch. phallosan ~ azmike

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! It really shows that everyone has their own unique journey, when it comes to penis enlargement. However, the common theme is with consistency you will get the results you want!



  1. I haven’t done any measuring. However, after about a month of jelquing–and I use that term loosely because it was a method I read about nearly 20 years ago–I got on this site and found three things that are already working: The Horse Squeeze is already adding thickness. The correct jelquing–using the OK grip and taking two to three seconds per stroke, and simple stretching.
    I also supplement. I take Steel Libido from Irwin Labs, I take Prelox from LifeExtension, and Black Giner root extract. I also take a few other supplements which I cannot remember at this point. I apply vitamin E directly to my shaft after jelling.
    The gains? I’ve become a bit of a shower instead of a grower. Thickness. Strength in the boner as well. Full disclosure–I am also using testosterone replacement–but have cut back since I began my Penis Program. Also–I DO feel longer, and am lasting longer during sex.
    I do NOT believe in any placebo effect–I have high anxiety over sex because my girlfriend is beautiful and 11 years younger than me (I’m 55). I will say this–what I’m doing IS working, got a lot of it from this site–and will keep it up (as it were).

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