How Long Does it Take to Gain a 1/2-Inch?

measure your penis

measure your penisIf you’re just starting your penis enlargement journey, it’s probably a question you’ve wondered about —

How long will it take me to see results?

The simple answer is — It depends.

It depends on a variety of factors (many of which are completely under your control!). Things like: Your consistency, intensity, the type of exercises you do, the number of reps/amount of time you put in, as well as your unique body physiology, all play a factor in how quickly you’ll see results. So, to get an idea of how long it has taken men, we asked members —

How long did it take you to see your first 1/2-inch?

Below are some of the most recent responses. Hopefully, they’ll give you some ideas of what you might be able to expect.

From Dongo:

It took me about 6 weeks. I took my baseline measurement well over 10 years ago when I had very high eq one night after a date. (6.5″bp) I didn’t really measure very often after that but when I did it was about 6″ consistently. Now I am just hitting 7″bp.

I tried out a traction device close to 10 years ago but probably only used it about 5 times and never used it after that so I did not experience any gains. I think the plastic device that holds the head is what bothered me as it was uncomfortable.

Fast forward to 2017 when I found this site I started following some of the basics here. I have had plenty of time on my hands to work on it. My routine starts with manual stretching, then jelqing for at least 30 min, I then do some more manual stretching. When eq permits I do some light clamping. Needless to say I am thrilled. I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to this in the future, but I believe I am off to a good start.

From ArtisticAnarchist:

0.56 inch length gain in 1 month.

From SeafoodKing:

I have gained 0.4inch in length within a month if JP90. Im not sure if its from EQ gains, but I have no EQ improvement.

From donkeehote:

I measured a few weeks back. Took me about 6 months. It was all JP90. The first 3 months was ver consistent. First it was 2 days on/1 day off. But then switched to 5/2 cycles. Last 3 months have been sporadic PE but I continue with the JP90 routine. So probably would have gained quicker if I had been more diligent.

From 8.39:

I achieve my first 1/2″ in my first 1 month an a half with only using my extender 3-4hours daily!Newbe gains are the best gains!

From Pipeman:

Around 3 months…. just found out today I gained 1/2″ in length. Unbelievable!! You know, I see everyone gaining on here since I joined, and I didn’t think I would a few times. There would be times I figured I would be the guy that doesn’t gain anything. And I had my problems, trust me. But I never gave up, I stuck around, and I kept reading, reading, and reading….. started a journal, and luckily I read the success story of pesg…. I been doing his routine and I’m on my way… so to everyone that’s not gaining, don’t give up, and if you have to, do alot less. Sometimes, less is more..

From LME:

I just crossed this threshold – so about 12 weeks. I used a pure stretching routine. 5 min out, 5 min up, 5 min down. All of them were sustained, as much as I could maintain a grip.

From domnus:

I started jelqs and basic stretching in 08/2012 and I would say I gained my first 1/2″ over the first 6-8 months. I started for EQ gains and didn’t believe at that time I would actually gain size other than EQ.
Found this site in 11/2015 and joined in 12/2015.
After joining the gym, I started JP90 in 1/2016 and it took me 6 months to gain 1/2″ BPEL after becoming a member here.

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