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Q. I’ve read a bunch of scary stories regarding loss of sensitivity, how sensitive SHOULD my friend be?

A. This is one of those difficult to answer questions.

Sensitivity is such a subjective matter, it’s really hard to put a finite answer to this. So, in my typical rambling way 😉 , let me see if what I say helps you.

Your penis should be sensitive enough that you can be physically stimulated. Yet, not so sensitive that you can’t control your reaction to even the slightest physical stimulation – i.e. even a small amount of touching results in premature ejaculation. Or, worse, it becomes so sensitive that it’s actually unpleasant to have any physical stimulation.

It’s completely normal for you to have certain areas of the penis that are more sensitive than others. Most men find that the head of their penis is significantly more sensitive than the shaft. (Which makes sense, since there are far more nerve endings, in a smaller area at the head.) And, many find the underside of the head, near the frenulum, to be especially sensitive. (Although, not ever man has this increased sensitivity.)

So, assuming it’s pleasurable for you when you (or someone else) touches your penis, with an increased amount of pleasure at the glans, but, you aren’t so sensitive that you have trouble controlling yourself or you don’t experience unpleasant or painful sensations… well, then your sensitivity is fine.

What’s more important when doing penis exercises, is watching for CHANGES in sensitivity. This would be a negative physiological indicator and is a sign that you need to make some sort of changes to your routine – whether it be changes in duration, frequency, reps, intensity, or rest days – or some combination.

Hope that helps!

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