Should I Use Penis Weights or Do Manual Exercises?

penis hanging or penis exercises

penis hanging or penis exercisesThere are several ways you can reach your male enhancement goals. Just take a look at our forums, and you can find lots of information on:

Which one, however, is right for you?

Which is Better – Penis Hanging or Manual Exercises?

Penis hanging and manual penis exercises are very different methods of working toward male enhancement goals. For this reason, you need to take into account several factors, to determine which is best for you.

  • What are your male enhancement goals? Your male enhancement goals are the first thing that will determine which is better for you.
    • If you’re looking for increased stamina or improved erection quality, manual exercises are probably going to be more effective.
    • If you’re looking for penis enlargement, then both penis hanging and manual exercises can be used to help you get to those goals.
  • What is your experience with penis exercises?  Because of the increased risk of injury, penis hanging is best for men who’ve had some experience with penis exercises. Always, always start off slowly with any exercises, including penis hanging.

Both Penis Hanging and Manual Exercises is an Option

Don’t rule out the possibility of doing both penis hanging AND manual exercises! In fact, stretching and jelqs, to encourage bloodflow during rest periods in your hanging routine should be used. Adding girth exercises to a hanging routine, can also help you reach both your length and your girth goals.

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