I Gained 3 Inches in Length and 1.5 Inches in Girth

I Gained 3 Inches in Length and 1.5 Inches in Girth
Defy reality with your penis!

Nothing is as painful as suspecting that your wife is cheating on you. For Dave, it was icing on the cake. He and his wife had numerous relationship problems at the time, and all of this amplified the slight insecurity he always had with his penis size.

I Gained 3 Inches in Length and 1.5 Inches in Girth

How Dave Gained Length & Girth

“So one day I decided to see if the Internet contained any information about penis enlargement,” says Dave. “I was surprised to find some credible information and I decided to give it a try. At that time, my penis was 5.5 inches erect length by 4.5 inches erect girth.”

Dave knew enlarging his penis wouldn’t fix the underlining problem with his marriage, but it would help in one area their relationship was lacking: sex.

“My wife later admitted to the affair and she told me that the guy had a large penis. This cemented my commitment to do what I could to increase my size,” he says. “Sixteen months later, my penis is 8.5 inches erect and 6 inches girth. That’s a gain of 3 inches of length and 1.5 inches of girth.”

It Took Time & Dedication

Dave cautions that it took time, dedication, and effort to reach his new size. “I have put a lot of hours into penile exercising,” he says.

But for him, every hour was worth it. “I was able to mend my relationship with my wife, and we have since celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.”

“Due to my current size, increased confidence, and commitment, my wife has orgasms every time we have sex. There are even times when I am too large for her despite the fact that she has had three children.”

For other men working towards a bigger penis, Dave recommends, “Try and develop a goal and a penile exercising plan. With all of the information that is available now, attaining higher levels of penis growth is indeed possible,” he says. “Create a plan and dedicate sufficient time to do the regimen that you choose. Be dedicated. Don’t waiver. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, but don’t switch your routine constantly either.”

Interviewee Stats

Name: Dave
Online Alias: Jelktoid
Age: 53
Starting Size: Length 5.5”, Girth 4. 5”
Current Size: Length 8.5”, Girth 6”

*This success story was taken from the penis enlargement book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health.


  1. Yeah I had a similar reason for doing this. With one exception. My wife never cheated but admitted that she had sex with her ex, and that he was larger than I. When we first started dating, and we were not serious, she did go back to him for a short period. She always claims that our sex is way better. I believe her for the fact that we do have amazing sex. However, I found a diary of hers from back when they were dating, and it talked about how large his penis was. She had told me that their was not much difference. In truth their probably is not my stats are 6.5 L X 5″ G (erect). They measured him in at 7″ EL X 5.5 G. So in reality according to her diary they had great sex only a few times because she is not very deep, and this guy would stab her cervix and she didnt like the pain. This idea in my head though bothered me to this point that after a year of marriage and great sex. I do hit cervix but barely. I want like all men to have the biggest she has ever had. Even if I have to take it easier to give her more pleasure. So my goal is 7.2-7.5 EL and 6″ EG. I think the girth bothers me more than the length. As only so much dick can enter. I actually started this pe process slowly about a year ago without any research just stretched and pressed more blood while masturbating and since that time till now using BM and actual real training started at 6″EL and 4.5 EG and am now at 6.5 EL and 5.0 EG and let me tell you the appearance is quite significant with just these small gains.

  2. If my wife cheated on me I’d leave her regardless of my increased penis size. Your partner’s infidelity should never be taken upon yourself; there is no justification and another woman would gladly treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Just my two scents for anyone who might try to justify something like that. Penis exercise should be an addition to your betterment, not a solution for your insecurity. Be glad you have a penis at all.

  3. its nice to hear this story turned out well but I would be very angry if my wife cheated on me.

  4. Thanks for showing his online alias, otherwise I wouldn’t’ have known who he was. This is really a great story. He seemed to gain pretty fast too… very impressive.

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