I Gained Confidence, Penis Size & Hardness!

I Gained Confidence, Penis Size and Hardness

Every man exercises his penis for a different reason. Jake had two.

I Gained Confidence, Penis Size and Hardness

How Jake Gained Confidence, Size & Hardness

Reason 1: “Things had become very stale in my marriage. My wife didn’t seem interested in sex anymore. I, as I usually do, assumed the problem might have been me, and I thought maybe I didn’t have enough down there to excite her.”

Reason 2: “What man doesn’t want a bigger penis?”

Jake found the answer to his problems when he learned of penile exercising. He found out about jelqing and stretching through a free website. When he tried the exercises, the results poured in immediately.

Within three months, Jake gained nearly 1.5 inches in length and .75 inches in girth. “I attribute a lot of my gains to simply having a harder, healthier penis. I know when I started I didn’t get the hard wood I am getting now.”

Key to Jake’s Success

Along with extra hardness, the key to Jake’s success was his dedication. “I was obsessed with it for the first 2 to 3 months.” But Jake points out that you have to be devoted, yet not go overboard. “I definitely think rest is important. I would say that ‘quality over quantity’ is a good way to describe it. I also believe that jelqing at multiple angles helps.”

While he doesn’t do much penile exercise anymore, Jake has made a change—not only in his pants, but also in his thinking. “What I now realize is that my erect penis was always about average anyway. Even if I was below average, women were still attracted to me,” he says. “I meet women now that I went to school with and find out they wanted me all along. Who would have ever thought? When I was younger, I spent so much time worrying about my damn penis I missed opportunities to use it.”

“To the younger guys worrying about their size: just go for it. Be CONFIDENT and you will find that it really turns a woman on, regardless of your size.”

Interviewee Stats

Name: Jake
Online Alias: Spruce
Age: 34
Starting Size: Length 5.5”, Girth 4.75”
Current Size: Length 7”, Girth 5.5”

*This success story was taken from the penis enlargement book Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health.